Arts & Lights 3.0: Fairytale Kingdom

Monday, March 19, 2018


I'm back with a new post and also a new video and the first ever vlog that's been posted on my youtube channel here: Vlog #1. I made a lot of videos for vlog but just yet to find the right time (of course a plenty of free time) to edit them all. I'm currently packed with schedules and deadlines!

Anyway, back to the point of the main subject for this post, shall we?

Arts&Lights Installation Vol 3: Fairytale Kingdom
(Exhibition for Instagram worthy photos)

M Aruna Sales Gallery, Rawang.
(The lights and display (?) were installed and displayed in 3 different houses!)

180317 - 180408
(I went to their VIP Preview which was opened to us at 0900 on the 17th, so there were fewer people  and queue-free except when it was almost at the end where more people came.)

Worry not, photos will be served after this line. haha

Over feeling...hahaha see what happened on my vlog! 

This room is soooo us! If you really know us, you'll get what I meant here :)

Let's play: Find the difference here! :p

Your princess can't be more awkward than this, can she? Lol
OOTD: Oversized Long Shirt from DDDD, Skirt and Legging from Miss Whatever, Shoes and Berret from ZARA, Tassel Bag from LKW Fashion Club, Accessories from REDEYE.

So, we first went straight to the second house as we saw that there were a lot of shoes at the first one which means....? Yes, you're right! More people there haha... after that, went back to the first one and lastly the 3rd house (but here honestly, it wasn't so wow like omg I need to have a picture here so yeah obviously no photo of me there woops!)

1st house: The Secret Garden room's lighting was the best! The starry room is soooo us! The Smell Me corner's lighting was a bit off hmmm
2nd house: The confetti and the dining room and the majestic chair! :o
3rd house: Ocean projection and mermaid corner.

Overall, it was one fun morning! To relax our mind and just enjoy it! I'll definitely go for their next installation! Looking forward to it... <3 Thanks to @charmwasabi my collegemate for giving me this chance for a VIP Preview by having a giveaway of the tix. Muah! Really can't believe that we'd ever received it cause usually, we won't get lucky for things like this. haha


psst: My (also) first ever Wisata Kuliner video from my Jakarta trip is live on my channel, too. So, don't forget to go check it out yeah!
Oh! Not a sponsored post :)


The girl who ate the confetti,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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