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Monday, July 2, 2018

Well hello hello, readers. It's been quite some time since I last written any post here as it has been a few hectic months for me and it still is (haven't done with the projects I'm working on. Hwaiting for me!)

Anyway, I just came back (3,4 days ago? update: it's a week from today is the d-day) from a very healing trip I can say. I was so busy and this trip did help me chill and take a break from my hectic life here in KL even though I was still working (cutting fabrics) there but I can still enjoy and relax. Can't avoid to keep on working cause deadline boo, the deadline is catching me. Heol~

+ WHERE: Mangala Resort & Spa
+ HOW LONG: 4 days 3 nights
+ PRICE RANGE: Should I? ($$$$) Not for a 'showing off' purpose but just for those of you who are interested to be there too! :)
+ ROOM TYPE: Vana Villa (there are few other types you can choose from)
+ FACILITIES / ACTIVITIES / SERVICES: I'll explain along with the photos later on. Go on keep reading. hehe

Oh! I did a room tour video of the room I stayed in and it will be posted on my youtube channel soon. I took photos of each corner I can see but there are just too many of them. lol. And ya'll, the room made us mazed out where to even take photos for OOTD hahaha every corner is just so pretty. I'll put the link here once it's up. ^^ (I always do a video tour of the room wherever I go but it's just a matter of time whether it allows me to edit them or not and so far it didn't but I'm gonna make it work this time.)

DAY 1 (Arriving at Mangala, Evening Walk)

It's the D-Day of our long awaited sweet escape. Really? Long awaited one? Haha, we booked it last minute though but we did plan to have a getaway for quite some time before puasa. So, we departed at 1200 and reached around 1540 (?) with some pit stops for brunch and also to change pilots. 

Pitstop! Lol, suddenly all become K-poped!
After some rest and settled down things, we changed to our sportswear to enjoy some evening walk and go for bike riding. The good thing is that we can rent the bike throughout the stay (park at our room) and send it back during checkout which is very convenient without having to wait for the buggy. This place is quite spacious so you kinda need to call the buggy to move around (if you don't wanna get tired and sweaty easily).
Then, we head back to the room for dinner and some chilling time~ Not for me though cause I worked that night. Every night. Haha, I cut fabrics. But still, I didn't get stress easily there even had to work.
You can see some sneak peek of the living room here.
View from the entrance door. Left: room with 2 single beds and Right: master bedroom with king-sized bed. Centre: Living room.
Pool one of the master's between the living room and the bedroom.
Open air bathroom. Like VERY OPEN! LOL. Tips: Bring extra clothes or kain batik so that you can wash in it.
DAY 2 (Morning Walk, Breakfast, Gym, Pool, Sg Lembing, Kuantan)

We're supposed to have a morning walk which is one of the activities offered by the Resort that includes bird watching but unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side that day that it pours down to greet our first morning. No bird watching so to the gym we go!
Post workout.
It was chilly but we still made our way to the pool. 

On the second half of the day, we went to Sg Lembing for its Museum and also Old Mining Place.
One of the 'trolley' they used previously during the mining era. My dad and lil bro tried to make it moved and got noticed that it was tied underneath so that it can't move anywhere. kk
Some of the displays in the museum.
After few hours at Sg Lembing, we finally head to Kuantan for dinner supposedly eating seafood at Tg Lumpur but we ended up at Myeondong Toppokki at Kuantan City Mall because of the traffic jam. XD Went back and I cut some fabrics again. haha

DAY 3 (Chilling)

Day 3 we were just enjoying and chilling in our room and just called for a room service for dinner. We watched 2 movies and 1 variety show~ But before that, we went for a spa treatment in the morning which was very relaxing and that you won't notice that it was already an hour! Btw, we booked on our first day there in the evening. Or if not, you can book by calling for their extension from your room.
Prior to the treatment, we have given a drink made of ginger and post-treatment was a glass of turmeric drink which at first taste weird but you guys just need to drink it at one shot so it won't taste bad that way.

DAY 4 (Bye ㅠㅠ)

Every trip, the last day was quite sad cause we had to leave the place we adapted already for days but what to do. It's the nature of trips. So, I give you some of the corners within the resort area: Public pool, Lobby, Restaurant.
Usually, we had a buffet breakfast but on the last day, it was a la carte as there were only a few of us there (around 2-3 rooms occupied). We met the resort's chief on the next morning of D-day and he said usually guests will only stay for a maximum of 2 nights there, so he was surprised to know that we're staying there for 3 nights. xD

And finally the last goodbye but we'll surely visit this resort again! 

OOTD of the first day (travel: HnM dungaree and Uniqlo tee + evening: HnM sweatpants and Uniqlo tee) and the next day morning: Cotton On sweatshirt and HnM sweatpants. 
OOTD of second day evening: HnM skirt, Forever 21 shirt, Vincci slipper, Zara bag, newly bought penny wise bucket hat at Sg Lembing and Redeye ring. Last day: Bucket hat, Zara shirt, Forever 21 pants, Vincci slipper, Zara bag.

psst: This is the first ever, I think as far as I can remember, a post that I tried to blog for days with breaks cause busy finishing up the clothes. deadline guys deadline! But I still I wanna post it now when the feeling is still fresh 'not expired' yet hahaha

UPDATE: 180718 The video is finally up! > Mangala Room Tour

* Oh! Idk but it's like our days were full of exercising. Haha, but it wasn't tiring at all.
** This resort doesn't look like it belongs to somewhere in Malaysia, right? Plus, if any of you guys watched 'It's Dangerous Beyond Blanket', there's an episode where they went to Da Nang and the place they stayed is almost like this. So, I recommend you to watch that episode. I think ep 8 (with Kang Daniel, Mark, Junhyung and Yi Kyung in it)? and see and compare to my video later on. Not just for comparing but just watch that show too it's somehow funny. ㅋㅋㅋ
** Not a sponsored post :)


She who had a healing trip,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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