Crazy Rich Asians vs Big Brother

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hello guys, I'm back with a new post and that is something that I've done once before (as I remember?). It's a movie review. Well, not totally a review maybe but just things I wanna talk about this movie(s). So, to those who haven't watched those two stated movies yet and planning to do so after this, I suggest do not continue if you don't like spoilers (cause I'm afraid some will be spoilers?). BUT IF YOU DON'T MIND I'D LOVE YOU TO CONTINUE WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW AND KEEP ON READING THIS POST. 💕

I did the movie marathon with my fam last Saturday and that includes my parents, ya'll. Hehe. We watched two movies. One is the one you all been hyping it up: Crazy Rich Asians and another one is Big Brother which I guess to those who loved the movie; Ip Man will watch this, too.

So, the first movie is BIG BROTHER.
Donnie Yen, Mingjie Lok, Gladys Li, Bruce and Chris Tong, Gordon Lau
A gangster-like teacher who has never had any experienced to teach but came to a school to fix the troublemakers at the school because of jeng jeng jeng.... haha
What I like?
Do you believe this movie made me cry? Like I'm usually the hardest person to react to anything includes crying even if the scene is really sad according to people but look, it made me to. Maybe it was just because of my 'monthly friend' who's coming real soon but yeah this movie did that to me. This movie has a lot of lessons that we can learn and one of it is communication. I see that communication is a very important factor within a family or any relationships and it shows that by doing so it can somehow make everything better than before. I won't make it long so I'll just leave it here but other than that urghh can't deny but the one playing Jack and the twins are fine. lol pardon me. xD

Second is none other than CRAZY RICH ASIANS.
Henry Golding, Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, Gemma Chen and a lot more ahmazing casts
A girlfriend who doesn't know that her boyfie is actually a cray cray rich people and how she needs to be contend with all the obstacles ahead of her, especially the boyfie's mother.
What I like?
Like most of all the people who watched this, I too like the wedding scene especially. The song, the dresses, the concept, the scene itself is soooo touching and mesmerising. The flow of the music with the scene is so 딱좋아! Again, this movie too contains lessons but one of it is also like the previous movie which is communication. And always always be humble and not be too selfish. I love Gemma Chen here, she just looks stunning and I love the way she portrays her character, too.

Lesson learned, is that as I stated before communication is very important but I know it's hard to do it as I myself too is not really good at this and admit that I really keep a lot to myself. Idk how some can do it and I also hope I can :) Anyways, what do you think about these movies? YAY or NAY (for me both is YAY) and anything to share with me here? Oh! Both movies are family oriented one so it's good to watch it with family but yeah in CRA... hehe

That's about it guys. I know maybe some part seems too jumpy but yeah I wanna make it short and not to tell the whole story here, right? Hope you get something from here and enjoy your movies to those going.

* honest reviews and the summary of the movies are from what I can summarize a bit.


She who cried,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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