A Star in Pandas' Ocean.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ahhh... can't believe it's already a week after Apink was here. 

I can't believe that I somehow get that PCD too. Plus, I think I can also be a real jinjja true Pinkeu Panda. Cause why not? I actually know all of their songs and did fan chant together with the pandas like a real one ㅋㅋ 

Apink 2018 Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Oh! I went there with my closest pinkeu panda which is non-other than my lil bro. Yes, he is a Pink Panda and that is how I get to know Apink quite well, too. And psst, he's a fan of du dum: Jung Eunji!
Actually, we planned to have him shout for her name (like fans always do at a certain time) but we can't get it done cause we were just so bad at timing. heol~ 

Okay me, let's just post the photos, shall we? I meant we don't really have a lot of it but my bro has like few quick shots of them and video snippets to be saved on his ig highlight. Maybe you can check his profile for that here: Pinkeu Panda Bro

안대! 끝이야?! ㅠㅜ

Ah! I still can remember the fan chants haha. It goes like either this: 영원히 사랑해, 영원히 함게해, 영원히 우리는... 에이핑크! or this: 박초롱, 윤보미, 정은지, 손내은, 김남주, 오하영... 에이핑크! and the others were just following the words from the songs ^^

Just how our day went?
Firstly, we went to have lunch with our family and they dropped us off at KL Sentral so that we can go to the venue by MRT which is easier. But before that, we strolled around NU Sentral first to go for gifts hunting for my brother to give to Eunji (I have mine ready for Bomi from home). So we bought few items and wrapped it on the spot somewhere in the corner near MPH haha (but too bad we can't give them gifts emm so we're planning to just post them over) then off we go to the MRT station. It was exciting for me cause that was my first time on MRT whoopsie. 

Reached the place and went for a lucky draw which was why we were there quite early, too. Unfortunately, we both got the high-touch pass only. emmm but later we were so grateful to have gotten that instead of photo pass cause it ended quite late than we expected lol. Went to get the official merchandise and still, we have a lot of time to wait. We moved around few spots to find a good resting spot but couldn't find one and made a decision to just go to Sunway Velocity which is just nearby and grabbed some dinner. 

Dinner taken and just hanging out by going to a few shops before heading back to the venue. The timing was quite good cause we reached there at around 7 and went for Maghrib before entering the hall :) And it begins~~~

Oh! They sang quite a lot of songs. Maybe I can try to list out some which I can remember.
Not in the real sequence. 
I'm So Sick, Five, No No No, Boom Pow Love, Drummer Boy, Mr Chu, Luv, Cause You're My Star, Remember, Always and more but I can't remember the titles.

It ended at around 2230 and we waited for the high touch but as usual, the securities were just so asdfghjkl annoying cause they kept pushing us and said "hurry hurry!" and so again I can't really remember what happened during that 1 sec? (I just run through them with the sound aaaaaa with my hands out at the side to just make sure my hand did touch theirs lol) Plus, they dimmed the light and we didn't get to really see their faces lol what? They were so cautious and caring, too cause they each wore a glove so that everyone can high touch with no problem.

Pfft: we literally have to hold up both our hands like you know when we gotta show our hands are clear from things to the police? but not like the 'hands up' position hahaha 

에이핑크 다 넘나 이쁘다~ 에이핑크 짱! 또 와요~


A star among the pandas,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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