Healing Escape~

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Hello, June 30th. Happy N Day~
I believe some of you might have expected this post and now you can read it. Yes, it's about the recent healing vacation that sadly ended without I realised :( This would be the 2nd post of this place as I've been there last year around this time, too. It proves that this place is really such a gem! This place also received awards and good ratings. It totally was all good from the staffs to the services and everything I can say! 

+ WHERE: Mangala Resort & Spa
+ HOW LONG: 4 days 3 nights (same as last year hehe and yes still feels so short)
+ PRICE RANGE: Should I? ($$$$)
+ ROOM TYPE: Amani Villa (Only this changed! Oh, it's a two-bedroom Amani Villa with pool. I made a video and the link is almost at the end of the post. You'll find it if you read everything haha)
+ ACTIVITIES: Morning walk, water recreations (kayak, paddle boat), archery, blowpipe, swimming (of course haha), bike riding, giant snake and ladder and they have few kids activities, too. 

We still didn't manage to do all the activities! I don't know where all those minutes went. lol. But this time around we finally gets to go for the morning walk. yeayyyy~ We almost go for paddle boat and archery but maybe we went there too early (not really we were there sharp at 10am; starting time) and no one was there to assists us yet. We made a spa appointment at 1030 so we had to 'retreat'.

Started our journey quite late cause lil bro had a meeting at his uni in the afternoon so we reached at the resort around 2030. Before all that, we went for a 맛있는 lunch at Seoulnami, The Gardens Midvalley. The rib... like OMG! This is what melts in the mouth really means.
As usual, the resort offered us a welcome drink. It's a kedondong juice; they planted themselves. (sorry don't know how to spell it)
As I wrote earlier, we went for a morning walk around the huge acres of the resort at 0800. It took us about 1hr plus for it and we walked for 2.3 km? That was a good walk where we can learn and see new things we've never seen before. They have hundreds of plants and also bird species throughout the area. They even have otters crossing and also hippo. So cute but they weren't out that time so can't see them live. hmm. Oh before the walk, we took a light breakfast for energy then continue with it after the walk cause they allow us to do that. xD
Here are some of the photos taken during the walk.
The sun was facing the bird so it over shines haha
With another family of 3 that joined us for the walk.
Then after the walk, we went to the spa to book the treatments for the next day and hit the gym afterward.
Back to the room in the afternoon and planned to jump in the pool but it was quite sunny so we waited till around 4 and swam for 2 hours with our papa coaching us his swimming style: breaststroke. Photos are taken only for self keeping so no photos in the pool~ hee

Ordered for dinner cause yes, feeling hungry after a swim is legit. Had dinner and it's a movie time~~ We watched The Boy Who Harnesses the Wind. It was a good watch based on a true story.
Spa time but before that to the recreations (the story I told just now)! Lunch at East Coast Mall then back at the resort at 1830. Had a mini photoshoot session with lil bro till 1900. It was picturesque; the surroundings~ Had another movie night and this time we watched another good true story-based movie titled First They Killed my Father.
The only OOTD photo I have: Sweatshirt + sweatpants +rings (HnM), bucket hat from papa, earring (화사), sandals (Forever21), mini backpack (Limkokwing Fashion Club) , hairclips on the neckline (Naughty)
DAY 4 (마지막 ㅠㅠ)
Bubye day :( 
*No buffet cause there were only a few guests and yeah it'll be such a waste if they did. 
Lil bro in model mode haha
They being kyoot wanted to have a photo here haha
Here are some photos of the 2 BEDROOM AMANI VILLA with Pool where I stayed and I also made a video of it. Do check it out: Amani Villa Room Tour.
Each of them has a thumbs up and thumbs down but for sure both are equally nice for me! But for the toilet and pool, I think Amani wins haha cause the pool is definitely bigger and for the toilet is not as open as Vana. You can see it in my previous Vana room tour video here: Vana Villa Tour or you can read more about it here. While for the room layout, Vana's is more interesting. Hmmm. I guess you guys should try to stay there and lemme know which one you prefer then? xD


Healed before hustle again,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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