Oh My Juil!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Time for a new post again~

What did I do in July? Looked like I did nothing at all but it was all so hectic in my mind. But thanks for the perfect ending to my Juil last night. We had a blast. My friends and I.
First, lemme highlight the quite 'main' things I did.
- An LV day out with Fiza
- Preparation for a fashion contest
- 31st July party (psst: a bridal shower for Nasuha!)

Alright, so I had a meet-up with Pija ssi like after a year fuh! She's also quite busy nowadays with her wedding preparations and so do I with my competition thingy. We barely had any time for the day out. We also kept postponing the dates until it finally happened earlier this month on the 7th. I think there's like a hikmah, to let us be able to go for the LVTimeCapsule exhibition maybe? haha. I've released (cehh, released haha) the video on my channel last 2 weeks. Watch it here. 

What's on me?
Black top (H&M) + brown skirt (Uniqlo) + black shawl (Vincci) + hairclip (Chamelon) + handbag and heels (Coach)
The next thing is... I've been doing this for the whole month! Even from the last week of June if I'm not wrong (since the holiday: previous post). Yes, that's why I said it was so hectic in my mind cause designing is not fixed. We need, well at least for me, the right time and vibe and when the inspirations come then we only can let em out physically. They can't be forced unless you want it to be so asdfghjkl whatever. I know my way so I can budget the timing and once I'm on it... the flow of the inspirations kept coming and I won't have anymore 'pit stops' and I can design freely up to what I feel. I'm done with all the requirements to be submitted exactly on this Tuesday that just passed which the dealine was yesterday~ I meant, I gotta use the time given wisely too right? So, I used it well and not make the submissions looked rush. Now, I'm just waiting for the result. Wish me luck guys so that I can go further in this competition and show what I've got to offer to you and the world.

Oh in between these main things, I did go for a two-day class and also I sew one of the pending dresses that needs to be done. 

And finally, the LIT night. I really had fun especially after all those hustles for over a month. You know that feel right? Well, it was actually a mini bridal shower for Nasuha who's getting married at the end of this month. (You'll be seeing me at wedding parties a lot this year: so many of them whom I know are getting married xD). We did a surprise for her... she didn't expect more of us (my other 3 friends and I: we told her that we were just so busy and couldn't make it for the night.) to be at this 'makan-makan', too. So, she cried as soon as she entered the door and saw us sitting there at the table. 울지마 나수하야~ ㅠㅠ She only knew that there'll only be 3 of them including her~ In conclusion, the surprise was a big success with a lil tears and nervousness. It was almost got kantoi (revealed) though haha.

While waiting for the bride to be.
This! Is just so big! Able to finished it with the help of the girls. Merci~
It was yummy tho. A lasagne crepe. Instead of normal flat pasta, they wrapped crepe outside of it. So, you'll taste  the sweetness with the sourness of the sauce.

On the way, still feeling fresh hehe don't know which one to choose so I put both. Initially, I wanted to bring my own real shades but yeah your gurl forgot about it. So, snow it is! haha
What I wear?
Purple top and ripped hem jeans (Spao) + pinkyellow ombre shawl (can't remember) + beaded hairclip (TS) + handbag (Tory Burch) + heels (Vincci) + earring (Mode) + rings (H&M)
My only OOTD shots. The most colourful (?) I've ever been after so long? 
Ok ok. Here's without Snow~ haha but the makeup I did didn't really show up here. So, I prefer the Snow ones. And why is it inverted? Lol

Enjoyed Juil and still hustling,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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