Lost in XXV.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A special date to write a letter to myself or about myself? Yes? 


It's right what people are saying that when you are at this number, you could be lost to not know to which direction you should be going and still figuring out your life. I meant honestly, I do feel that. I'm quite lost at the moment till I feel like not doing anything but I know I have to start making something to make things real again.

I still remember that one of my friends used to say this to me before a few years back: "You have such a princessy life Dayana~". What she meant by this was because I have all those extra classes my parents love to sent me to besides than my major studies like piano, business lessons and such. I am grateful for that though. I love it when at least you know that you have something to do and it brings the result to you in an instant (you can see how it ends). haha. All those moments were quite fun and enjoyable even if I was so busy with my course's assignments.

Anyway, there's also something that keeps me going and always motivated me, too. "You are such an inspiration to me, Dayana." <<< These words, they really mean a lot. I really appreciated to those saying this and you know who you are. You don't know how much it means to me; just a small and still unknown, rookie designer. I feel so appreciated that people do recognize my works and that I wasn't just dreaming alone. haha

So, I hope I can find the directions I'm looking for to show you guys more of what I can give. 

Thank God for another year. Even though I'm already a quarter of 50... hmmmm 😿 Can I not get older? But that's alright... I like that people can't even guess my real age. They always thought I'm younger cause they'll be shocked every time I let them know the real number. Haha And oh! My bebe, DDDD also just turned 3 last week. So this month really is a special month for me~ 

Pstt: Go check out BOL4's latest song called 25! I can relate~~ 25 MV and go see 25 Lyric.
Pssttttt: Oh! I just realised this year my birthdate is the same as my age. haha. Anddd I almost forgot, Joyeux Anniversaire à moi~


The birthday girl,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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