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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Seeing that I posted this a few days late really shows that I've been away and 'busy' for the last days of August.

I was at Malacca to be exact. For.... Just a teaser for you guys here: lemme give a photo of my mom with her sisters first. 🌹
Anyway, how was my August you asked? (just play along that you guys did ask this :p) The first week, I spent it all on the pending dresses that I needed to complete and as for the next, I was preparing for an audition that it felt like having final presentation all over again.

Then, the next weekend was a big day for one of my girls; Nasuha the bride. Yeap, the one we celebrated last month if you can remember the post I wrote previously? So... as always, let's just enjoy the photos.

Nasuha สวยมาก~ 
Lol. I just can't with this photo. It looks like Shal was hit by Nas~ Sorry Shal.  😂

사랑스러운 친한친구 랑~
OOTD: Top (mama's), inner (uniqlo: hana tajima), skirt & suspender (OBB), fav shawl, hairclips (Naughty ID), bucket bag + heels (Coach) 
The Pirates~ wow guys! Did we just somehow colour-coordinated with each other?
Congratulations Nasuha! 

And... as for the Merdeka eve, I've spent it at Jonker Street... eating the newly launched Famima Dark Chocolate Sofuto and shopping for some accessories. My mama y'alls~ Loves to get me those hehe. But yeah at least, I got to wear them (2/5 items bought) for Dhara's wedding (anticipate for it on the next post)! 
The main reason to be at Malacca during Merdeka weekend is for this event held by my aunt; my mom's younger sister.
(Just realised that I don't really have a lot of photos here emm)

With the femme Nik(s): the cousins~
The Kaklongs hehe
Went back and had a photoshoot at the rooftop during the beautiful golden hour. Oh! This was at Rosa Malacca. You can watch the room tour video I did during the first time I came here.
Literally went for the sunset and then back to the room to get ready for dinner.
That's all for August but I feel like I left out something haha. Nonetheless, written in the post are all the main ones. Sorry if this post feels a bit rushed but it's just that I really had only few things to say and lesser photos than usual~ Ah! Before I forgot, it's not too late yet right but Happy Independence Day, Malaysia and Salam Maal Hijrah~


Spent August with lovelies,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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