Styling for the 10th

Saturday, December 28, 2019

As I promised previously in the last one, I'm gonna do a separate styling post for it and today is the day~ Enjoy and may you be inspired by it~

I came in this look and change to another 3 looks in between the event. haha. See below for the other 3!
So basically, this is a 3-in-1 look xD

What's on me?
Dress: As always a designer piece haha by Day [|][|]
Suit: Dad's legendary suit worn on his wedding day
Bag and boots: Coach
Others: Chamelon, H*B*B, Miss Whatever, Uniqlo
Completed with: Lashington, Rawlulu, Innisfree, Kat Von D, 3CE, Benefit

What do you guys think of this style? I'm quite satisfied with the look I'm in that day. Everyone was pleased with it, too. As far as I know hehe. So, I am much inspired by Jang Man Weol's look, vibe and the way she dresses so that's how I got to complete my look with the gloves, birdcage headpiece and also the nails.

Soooo in love with the nails and they were also designed by my friend, the owner herself and she said it really suits me. Yeah, she knows me quite well so she really nailed it to my character. 💋 The dress and the jacket are just really a good pair. I finished sewing the dress wayyyyy earlier this year tho haha and the jacket as always is an idea from hanguk~ 

Another shocking but lovely one was that I put on the Rawlulu eyeshadows for the first time since I bought it a few months ago and the colours were just so pigmented! I only tap my finger a bit and apply it on but they turned out like we put a lot already~ I get to make up all my sisters and mom too as it took me lesser time cause of the pigmentation which I don't need to reapply them a lot of times until the colour comes out to what we desire.

As for the dress, at first, when I made it, I don't really have any styling ideas yet cause I know by the time I'm gonna wear it, the ideas at that current time won't be relevant anymore at least to me. So, I waited and see how the trends change over time (yeah in just a few months they can change for the seasons) and luckily it's a good one that is which I love! 

Okay, that's it! I should end this here and now before I put more nonsense in it haha. Anyway, hope you'll get inspired by this look again and don't forget to tag or mention me if you do. I meant, I just want to see your stylings, too! \/


Little black dress girl,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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