The last but not least, December!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Woah~ I made it guys. At least a post monthly this year. It went well and made my blog always updated. I think I should continue with this way, right? So far, did you guys enjoyed my posts? Do you have any suggestions or what content do you want to see me posting? Just lemme know in the comment section yeah!

.this is an archive from August but that's okay cause it's an unreleased photo.
Let's start with the Month 12 post. Lemme recap first what I did this month hee. I remember clearly that I started the first day of the month by having a real jinjja hao chi shi chen bing de dimsums~ My oh my (please read it in tune or might as well sing like Camilla's song xD). They were so delish with a decent place, too which I've been searching for all this time besides than Dolly Dim Sum or Din Tai Fung. Cause usually (no offence), the Chinese Muslim restaurant would be not as decent and it sometimes smells, too. Don't you think so? 
Ahhh please... 我要这个!
Oh wait, it's no more a recap huh? hahaha, I'm already into it. Gosh. I'll continue with the recap after this hee. Ah, before I forgot. The place is LETEN and I went to the one at Mitsui.

For real now, here's the recap.
Eating dim sum, attending a fashion show, visiting state's(?) museum for the first time since staying in this state, finally bought my wishlist fashion books, attending a friend's wedding(again xD), cleaning up the room, actively crocheting for hopefully the upcoming plan I have and sew two new pieces quickly for a shooting and for sure drafting December posts!

I've got a chance to attend the Selangor Royal Fashion Show Gala and socialized haha but yeah glad that every year I attended shows so it really feels that I am working in the fashion industry~ 

+1 of the night aka PA aka sister.

With the former boss, Abg Rizman.

We're actually like this... don't be afraid to talk to us haha

Here begins all the kepoh-ness and hecticness of us in photos. xD

Btw, not to mentioned (I already forgot about it, too haha) there are people telling me I looked like royalty and loved my styling that night. Well, what can I say... the aura shines itself better than the words~ haha or was it also because I was wearing the pair of earrings from my mom's family inheritance (you know the story if you know)? wooooo >u<

Then, go go to the museum visit, shall we? We actually didn't plan to go there (hence the normal wear) so it's more like a last-minute one cause we went to Seremban Gateway just to eat our lunch as usual but since we parked our car near to the museum, my dad invites us for a short tour. It was fun though.
for future reference

I want one of this. Looks pretty for a clutch.
another reference
joking lol cause my height is just right hahaha
so big one arr how to bring kkk
just to teach my sister on how to pose here cause she asked me xD

As I stated previously, I bought the fashion books that were in my wishlist and yes finally they're here with me. They're from Fashionary and I love em cause they came in a special Xmas packaging with a bonus paper doll, too! 😻

Ta-de-dan... 🙌🏻
Again, this month I attended another wedding of my friend. 2019 sure is a year for my batch to tie the knot, isn't it? xD Congratulations~

My face looks long and the chin and jaw look wow! haha, no filter yeah guys. I meant the only filter is for colours.
After all those things, I became a secret Santa not so secret but yeahhh heee for my friends~ just felt like giving them something.
Update 191229: we went to eat at LETEN again but now with complete family members ~ so, it felt like having a big new year feast with this table, too xD
Last time we had the original one so now we tried sambal version and it's quite delish  (and pretty too with the red colour 😻)
This set is lovely too to take a break between the savoury ones~
And that's pretty it for my December, the last month of the year of the decade~ Written your new goals yet? I haven't and I usually don't really write it down too so may our new year and decade be better. Happy new year. Selamat tahun baru. 新年快乐. 새해복많이받으세용~ Bonne année! Alright, it's already 2350 now (the time I drafted this) so I'm off to bed! Goodnight and see you next year~ 

191231: I'm counting down the year with MBC Gayo Daejeon so I'll be celebrating new year an hour earlier! xD


Wishing a good year,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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