Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Beloved Cats!!

I owned four Persian cats,
Those don't like to lie on the mats,
They are very cute and chubby,
And sometimes can be funny.

Two of them are the parents,
And the other two are the children,
Actually, I got another female cat,
But died before she's eight.

*Bubu is the name I gave,
For the first cat that is very brave,
Cici is the name of the mother,
It is a really caring mother.

Kiko is the first to born,
It is a bit stubborn,
It likes to eat human's food,
So it rarely eats its own food.

Oggy is the last cat,
That sometimes acts like a rat,
It is really fierce,
And also very serious.

These are all my cats,
They're always in my mind,
I never want to forget the cats,
All of them are really cute and kind.

*Bubu is the father
love my cats so much!!

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