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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sec 2A :Awesome,Rocks!!!

These are all my class members!!Love and miss them so much....They are very friendly and nice. There were only 13 students in my class including me.They are from various countries and nationality;Holland(Dutch),South Korea,Japan,Indonesia,Singapore,Philippine,US,German and more...
Nothing much to talk about them,
so I'll introduce my friends and teacher to you guys!!Bottom:Anindyo Haskoro(Dyo)Middle Line:Daniel Adimas Roos(Danny),Nisha Bhojwani(Nish),Min Ha Yoon(Heidi),Athaya Shakyna(Thaya),Reyham Soenasto(Reyham),Pierre Hemming(Pierre)Upper Line:Kim Dong Ho(Tom),Back Dae Yun(Jack),Naomi Permata Suzuki(Naomi),Sarah Kadi Marriott(KD),Science Teacher:Mr. Anand Philip...

me n thaya

me n heidi
background:boys (reyham n dae yun)haha..playin

me n my fren(also neighbour)-ainin
both malay

me n my fren (other neighbour)-adriana
both malay

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