SA1 (Mid Year exam)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Its been more than a week we hav our mid-year exam...n 3 mo days left 2 finish it...then,we'll hav 2 weeks hols!! Yaay!!!^_^....huh...!! '_' but its not s long s d school hols i had in SIS (my lovely school,n i miss u...HAHA)... in SIS, we got full 1 month long for mid year was so fun n sumtyms it can be boring 2 coz of 2 much hols...hee(but when 'we' got 1 month hols;it feels lyk we wanna b in skul-when we got 2 WEEKS of hols;it feels lyk we wanna hav mo hols than wat we'v got)??~~ so here we go 4 countdown 2 finish d exam n also 4 hols!!! Yay!!

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