I miss being a SIS student...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aww..i can't believe that it's almost a year since i left SIS b'coz my family n i had to moved back here frm Indonesia. Basically, SIS is an international school n it is a very fun n nice school to go. Every Friday or the end of the month, we'll have a free-dressed day n that means we can wear any clothes that we want to. Another reason that i like most about SIS is that we only have 2 examinations n both of em r only the mid-year exam n also year-end examinations known as SA1 n SA2. No stress @ all!

SIS: Singapore International School,Bona Vista

School Song
Towards Greater Heights

Together we stand on a great firm foundation
This built on the rich Singapore education
Equipping us today to boldly face the future
We treasure tradition, our tomorrow is secure.

Together we strive to excel and be able
We think on the things that are pure, just and noble
Our passion is indeed for learning and for knowledge
Determined to prosper, we desire to lead this age...

Towards Greater Heights
Move on Singapore International School
With God's guiding love and light
We will achieve every goal.

Together we soar to explore and discover
The wonderful truths-to the world we will offer
As hearts and minds are one,our voices are resounding
United we'll press on so in harmony we sing...

Towards Greater Heights
Thus shine Singapore International School
Your heritage proudly beams
Inspiration of our dreams.

*miss to sing this song too! XD

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