Sunday, May 1, 2011

Laz friday...i got a question from sum1 " Dayana, nape jln cm tkot2 je?"
N i havn't even get d tym to speak up, my fren already answered d question herself " sbb dye x bese ngn *************!"
Act,I dun wanna answer tat n d correct answer s tat:
" I had a bad impression to b****** in tis skul since d 1st day i step into tat skul...
n i can't really get along wif em....except my classmates o d 1 tat i knew well.
FYI( to d person asking d ques), i get along well wif others at my prevoius skulS....but i dunno y i
here in tis skul...coz they gav me a bad impressions on emselves n including others to me!!!"


Hui Lin

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