Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello Bloggers n Readers. Shall i say gud afternoon too coz its 1.55 pm now. :) As u all noe tat we juz hav bout 3 more days to be in d new year of 2012!! hmmm..therefore, i got my wishlist of what i wanna achieve n do in 2012.

DynadDayn's Wishlist:

~I wish tat i will be a girl who wears tudung (InsyaAllah n Alhamdulillah)
~I wish tat I got straights A's for my SPM (candidate of 2011)
~I wish tat I can go to d university of my choice (guaranteed already i guess coz my parents r so open minded)
  p/s: love them,,thank u :u
~I wish tat i'd grow taller than today =P
~I wish tat my family business will go smoother than tis year..
~I wish tat my day out with my frens will b okay by means tat i can follow them :)
~I wish tat everything will be fine with God's willing.
~I wish tat I'll be throwing a better bday party for my frens (1 of d reasons to meet my frens)
  p/s: they r lyk my 2nd family where we cud be laughing, fighting, teasing n crying.. tnx so much u all.
~I wish tat....(still dunno wat to rite but im sure someday it'll be out frm my mind)

oklh.. my mom called me to take photos of her new fresh bread tat juz came out frm d oven. yummm2.

Hui Lin

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