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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Owh hye..they are my awesome classmates n frens. i miss them now. yeah,rite now! awwww...when can we meet.??? btw, my classmates are so close to each other..we're lyk A FAMILY coz we got NENEK
(jgn marah tau my dear wany :)),AMMA n such.FYI, we only got 11 girls in our class; 5sII class of 2011.. Btw,I m d one wearing d green uniform in d first line (dun get mixed up wif him ok)haha.Tis pic is taken on d laz day of our normal skul timetable(laz day of normal skul b4 SPM). Blessings ceremony i guess?? haha

HAH!!Tis s d real class members of VsII..Our class has been teased a lot of tyms by people but we r still go along n live lyk other class.We dunno y our class got attacked n teased by 'em' (jealous maybe,=p) hahahaha.I MISS U GUYS!! The one in d middle is our form teacher a.k.a AMMA..i tink we made her want to be d VSII's form teacher again next year. =) N in tis pic i m d one wearing red shawl wif flower motived baju kurung.. Tis pic is taken on d Aidiladha celebration at my skul.

Yeah!! At last,,our formal(top pic) pic tat will be in d school's yearbook. Let me introduce my dearest beloved classmates.
From left(1st line):Faris(people <3 to call him Bon),Syarif(Apek),Haafizh,Dinie(class monitor),Tchr. Thilaga(Amma),Nas(assistant class monitor),Wany(nenek),Keyra,Fatilla(Telo)
Frm left(2nd line):Shera,Iznor,Fairuz,Shal,Mzyh,Dayn(ME),Angel
Frm left(3rd line):Hafiz(Alang),Nik,Khairul(people lyks to call him Dayak but i dun=)),Razin,Amiruddin(Mad),Firdaus(Daus;korean luk alike),Naj,Sahrol(Awol)
Frm left(last line):Afiff,Thiva,Fahmi,Eizzu,Abang,Raimy,Faiz

Maybe tis s d end of tis post.. so k bye. gtg coz now it is 1.04 am already..gosh.. bye.

Hui Lin

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