Which one eh?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

About laz 2 weeks, I went to an education fair at Mid Valley. I surveyed at these 3 colleges which r PJ CAD/INTI , MIA n also KLMU. PJ CAD n MIA did gavE me a reaaaaallllly gud xplaination tat makes me so interested to enroll to their colleges. But d problem now s tat I can't choose both can I? N on laz friday an admin of MIA called me to asked whether i wanna get in to their college o not. Coz MIA will be having a first intake for tis year on Jan 9th.Tat is TOO early i tink n so i said tat im not sure yet n wanna wait for my result first. So, now im in real confusion (i dun remember d real word, pardon me) which college shud i choose... Hrmmmm... *thinking. For sure ill enroll in one if these colleges for their second intake which will be on April!!! Can't wait to get in... What i noe is tat i have to choose d best one from all these BEST colleges. ;))))))))

Hui Lin.