Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello there bloggers n readers,

Today,now n here we meet again after so long. Act,i m juz TOO sad coz my lil bro went to the boarding school today..i dunno y i feel lyk tis. Im not so close to him though but still tis feeling struck me now.. :'( Maybe coz i was wif him since he entered in d same primary school wif me in SIS Jakarta past 6 years. I was d one who s responsible(kinda) to look after him...n till last year we go to school n come back home in one ride. SO,...hmmm..i dun really noe how to say... Honestly,i started to miss him already... *crying inside. :'(
Anyways,happy studying WALI!!! miss u..(i noe no one wud ever expect tis to happen.)

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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