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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello readers n bloggers,
Here we meet again(not really face-to-face though :D). LOL.

Today,just to tell u guys n of coz to write here in my blog, i went to Lim Kok Wing University..gosh! it was AWEEEEESOOOMMMEE i tell u. When we r in its area, it fells lyk we've been to another country n it is SOOO international. Juz wanna show how it luks lyk from d outside n also inside:

LKW Malaysia.
Tis s d outside view.

N tis is d inside view.

N i did register myself into tis university today at d discovery day/open day of tis university. As for d gift/promotion(i dunno d write word to put) when any1 registered themselves during d discovery day, we got to choose wether we wanna go to London for its Global Class or we wanna hav a free accommodation for one semester. FYI, i live juz nearby(kinda) d university so i dun hav to stay at their campus. So...i chose to d first option s tat i gotta go to London for one month to gain some experience there (of coz i asked my dad's opinion first n he's d one who agreed for tat coz if i took d second option,it will be just such a waste).

However,im not really used to stay far from my family n also not used to stay overseas all alone by myself (without my parents/family). So,i just hope tat they can make it to London,too to follow and accompany me at d same time.

I'll be joining or enroll here in July. There's a possibility tat i go oversea for d first month or in d final year. :)

That's all for today i tink. Hope u enjoy n get wat i wrote here. hehe. sorry if my lang. is sumtyms messed up.

Tis d LKW London.

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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