Shopahollic eh?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hi! i went to a textile shop together with my mom n two of my sisters to buy some fabrics there (of coz...). BUT BUT BUT..hmmm..there's too much type of fabrics to buy n so d amount tat we hav to pay s also ke-ching ke-ching $$$$$. heeeee..i noe even though tats normal but not for me. i felt kinda guilty upon tat. N somehow it makes me wonder y people lyk to buy their own fabrics n go to a tailor shop to make d clothes for them. Honestly,my family didn't go to tailors coz we like to buy d ready-made one especially d baju kurung. I tink its cheaper if we buy d ready-made clothes. Even if its 300++ it is still ok (JUST SAYING).

Back to d story,my sister(one only) n i bought d fabrics to made a dress for a very special occasion tis coming September... ;) the materials we need to buy are chiffon n also dutches(dunno d rite spelling but for sure it is used for bridal wear) n its price is just okay n d total price for tat material is okay too. However, chiffons r a bit expensive n so it makes the overall n d final price kinda expensive. Tat wat makes me guilty n another thing tat also makes me wonder of how do shopahollics buy too much things without even care bout d amount tat they've spent.

p/s: now i feel much better for writing tis out here n lessen d guilty feeling. :)
i noe some of u might feel kinda weird with wat i wrote above.

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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