Elfira Loy

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Evening,people of d blog!!!!

Hmmm..i juz wanna share a happy moment tat i get juz few minutes ago. Wanna noe wat? Wait wait...let me calm first..hahah

U noe...i juz got a tweet(reply) from a local actress,Elfira Loy. Soooooo EXCITED tat at last after quite some times i tweeted her,she finally replied back my tweet tat i tweeted her today.

This is her. =)

Here's how it went:(Twitter)

her: don't tweet me if you aren't following me. That's called stalking ;)

me: i followed u n i tweet u but no reply? hmmm.. cud be happy if u did. :)


me: *keep retwitting others' tweet bout d same tweet she tweeted.


me: waiting for @el.... to tweet me back. :| *at last,dare to put d kinda sad face..hahah

her: @Hello... Good Night

me: omaii2!! tnx..at last u replied mine..tnx2.! hope next time ull reply mine again.. :) heheh. p/s: i always  follow u

Yeah..tats it. hehe..but its kinda good rite..next time i wanna try to tweet her again..heee. XDDD

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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