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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello there my lovely,handsome,gorgeous n cute readers!!!

Here,im goin to show u a video about a school (International School) in Indonesia. Please watch it u,it'll be easier for u guys to understand wat im gonna write below d video..okay! ;D

U watched tat video already rite..sure?? hehe. ok,nvm.. juz wanna tell u tat this is my previous school i attended b4 i came back here to my own country..this school is located at Bona Vista,Jakarta Selatan (near Pondok Indah). This school is kinda cool when i attended it before but now its even sad tat i had to moved back early.. :((( But,sokay..if not i won't meet my dearest bff(s) here..N they ARE cool.. :D

Not to praise my school there but they just made a big upgrade n renovation to it. N its just awesome for me to know it n share it wif u guys... N if any of u here are living in enroll to tat school (if ur a student) or enroll ur kids was an AWEEEEESOOOMME school i tell u. *oopsie..terpromote lh plak kn..hehe. XD

p/s: I <33333 this school..n if u enroll there,there won't be any regrets.. (for me :D).
      ***not to promote okay,,,just saying.. hehehe

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