Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hey2 there!! Yes u,d one who sits in front of d desktop n looking right to this screen and reading each of bits of these words here..hehehe.

In this post,Im writing about what i dreamed last night. Maybe some of u might think tat this post im goin to write is kinda plain n just..... But sokay,i dun mind coz it was a wonderful n meaningful dream i got. Hmmm :')

I dreamed bout my old friends (not old by age fyi :D) that i know from my primary school (in M'sia). The story goes like this: **looking down again

It happens on my birthday (im not sure whether it was at my party o not) n my sister gave me a surprised and im so touched by tat! Coz she brings all my long-lost friends to meet me n it was kinda d best gift i get tat day.
But!!! I did dream another one bout my old friends also but with different version.This version is not a really nice and it was like i met them somewhere but when i wanna go n meet them,i cant' even find them n.....*skipped.

p/s: I dunno where i noe or even heard bout tis but if we dreamed about someone o anyone just came in our dream tat means tat person misses us.

N owh..b4 tat. I didnt noe y they were in my dream too. RAN showed up in my dream n i was lyk so happy tat i can meet them n treat em like my own friends. *RAN (band) LOL XD

**sorry if tis post is like a bit messed up coz i dunno how to explain it. :))))

LOL. tis is RAN.. XD

N tis is 'Atiqah!! :)



Afiq (somebody i used to know.hahaha)

Okay guys,that's all for today. It's getting late now i shud be on bed now. So, will keep posting again next time. Nity Nite. XD

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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