JPJ Test

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hi  guys!

JPJ test? Yes,tat is what im goin to write to u about.
Maybe some of u noe what is JPJ test but maybe some of u don't.
Okay,let me tell u ASAP(as short as possible. LOL). Here,ummm JPJ test is a driving test to get a driving licence. (That's it.) :p

Wats wif JPJ test then eh? Its nothing though but I just wanna share this happy news wif u guys who read my blog. (TQ) I took d test this morning and I passed. Act,today's test is d second time (yeah,i REPEAT) coz d first time I failed. where where? hmmm.As usual, at the "climb the hill" part. N one of d reasons is that I think i got 'lemau' (tired n lazy,no mood) of waiting to long for my turn. Try to imagine this. I went to the academy at 8 and my turn was at 2/3 pm?

But not for today. Alhamdulillah I got the 2nd session n it starts at 11 am. Just so u noe, I was shaking before getting in d car n also after i've done doing d test. I dunno y? Nervous? Happy? Oh well...At least I PASSED today. yeay! Tnx for those who wished me n pray for me. I really appreciated it.

p/s: I failed the 2nd part(circuit) not the 3rd part which is d one that we have to drive on d road. I passed that part. So,today I only did the 2nd part of d test. =)

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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