Little England

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey guys,
Sorry for making this blog got no new posts for these 2-3 days. FYI, I was out of town. Wanna noe more? Keep reading till d last word of this post okay? :D

Actually,I was out of town for holidays. Its holiday time now for Malaysians but however its almost d time for schools to re-open again for 2nd semester. But for me, it'll be my first semester starting on July 2nd. Its time for me to enter d University n be a student of a U. gosh! TIME DOES FLY SO FAST! I can't bliv that I am now goin to U..

Anyways,back to our original story... I went to Fraser's Hill or also known as LITTLE ENGLAND. The environment there was so quiet n calm n cool n so natural for sure. It's called as Little England coz it feels like we ARE in England coz of d cold air n such.

N n! Some story of Fraser's Hill. Its name came from d name of a solitary Scottish pioneer name Louis James Fraser who set up a tin-ore trading post in d 1890's. This place also witnessed an assassination of the popular British official, Sir Henry Gurney by the Communist guerrillas during the Malayan Emergency in 1951.

Okay,that's all I can say bout Fraser's Hill. As usual,if u wanna noe more bout it click this link:
Fraser's Hill

So, I went there for 3 days and 2 nights only and that was from Wednesday till today (Friday).
I arrived home at 2.30 pm and here I am writing this post. LOL. *not really related.

We kinda found all d suggested places to go but d Bishop's house. We searched for times but still cudn't find it. N we think that its in d bushes already so we cudnt find it.

Owh! Before I forgot,we went to d Paddock n Allan's Water twice. The first day we went to Paddock n Allan's Water,we rode d horse n also played archery n 'menyumpit(my dad n my lil bro). While at Allan's Water,we go for boating n feeding the fishes there. It goes the same for d 2nd day but d diff was that we didnt go for horse riding,we only played d archery n 'menyumpit' n also feeding d fishes.

FYI(again),I stayed at the hotel nearby the town so we just have to walk to go to the town. It was so much fun. Of coz we do took lots of pic while we're walking. :)

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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