Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ecehhh..sounds kinda formal is it? Nothing to say actually just wanna tell u a bit about SM*SH. For those who knew SM*SH,gud then. :)
N to those who didn't noe who or what is SM*SH,lemme tell u.
SM*SH is boy band (KPOP alike) from Indonesia. They got almost d same style as SuJu.

So,now I'm just goin to post a video on one of their songs which is their first hit! Love it btw. <3 <3

Their first hit is called I Heart You. :D

Pssst. One of em is 1 year younger than me okay. hahah. Thought that they are older(well,some of em,one of em is d same as me xD).

Visit their site here: SM*SH

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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