Last day of Orientation

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hi back! 
Sorry that i update it 2 days late.. It was supposed to be on Sunday.heee
Hmmm,as u see from d title I wrote above,I'm sure u guys noe what im goin to talk bout now.YUP! It's my last day of orientation. N that day was SUPERB-FABULOUS. hehehe,eventhough we had to sit under d sun for quite long time (since morning till 6 pm).

Oh yeah,u guys must be wondering where were we last Sunday,rite?

We went to KLCC for d im4u event coz we,LimKokWing choir 

group had to sing d theme song of im4u. For your information,d theme song was made by Limkokwing University that's y we were d one who sings it at d event.

I think we sang d im4u song for 4 times n im so happy n glad that d audiences enjoyed it n joined us to sing,followed us dancing n making d im4u sign.

So,I guess my orientation ended with a very FUN day. Soooo sad that it's over now.I wish everyday is orientation. hmmmm

This vid is just to let u listen to d song okay guys,d official video clip is not out yet. :))

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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