Orientation 1

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello bloggers,
Im back! Yeah,sorry that I just updated my blog now. I had a really bz week last week.
U guys noe y i tink. It was because of orientation.YUP! I had my orientation week last week (3rd-6th July). Actually,that was d 1st week of d orientation. I'll have d 2nd week of orientation starting on tomorrow till friday.

The 1st week of orientation was FUN!! I had so much fun with my frens. We did some creative activities n some singing n acting n drawing till designing costumes. Our theme for designing costume was 'SUPERHUMAN'.

But...d most enjoying n fun day was last friday(6th July). It was bcoz we were just having a tour. We had 2 tours n first one was tour around d campus (I got lost d first n second day at d campus. :p) n d second tour was around Cyberjaya n Putrajaya. N here's d fun part. After d tour at Putrajaya n Cyberjaya,we went to Alamanda to take our lunch there. :)

N yeah,tat's all i think for now. Keep visiting my blog n wait for d next post okay readers? :D
I will write post again n i hope it'll be soon.

So,tata,toodles n c u soon.Owh! Before that here (look down please) are some pics that my frens n I took on last friday. Enjoy.

Me n Zamira(left)

Me n Nurin(Right)

From left:Zamira,me,Dita,Nurin,Nito,Sangitha

At Garden Cafe,Alamanda

Nurin,me n Zamira


Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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