Orientation 2

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hey peeps!!! 
Tnx for visiting my blog again. LOVE u guys. xD

For today,as I told u before I'll post bout my 2nd week of orientation.So yeah...

On Monday we had a day of interesting activities from FABE or as known as Faculty of Architechture n Built  Environment (if im not mistaken,heee). The first activity we had to make was built a TALLEST STRUCTURE using just only straws. hmmmm. At first we were divided into 6 groups(oh gosh,sorry i wasnt aware of this so im not sure bout d groups :p). What I noe is that there were 7 people in my group including myself. N my other six group members were Nurin,Zamira,Dita,Sabrina,Joann and Simran. :)

After we had been assigned to groups each of d groups were given 5 packs of straws (shissshhh,i cant remember bout this either.lol). Then all of us started to connect the straws. My group were thinking of making d famous tower of France which is located at Paris that is Eiffel Tower. But then we keep changing plans from Eiffel to Petronas Twin Towert o KL Tower to Twin Tower again n then Eiffel Tower n at last we just connect d straws n make it as tallest as we can. :))))

TIME'S UP!! N we stopped but its not fair that other groups didnt stop on time. We were supposed to be d first but then d other group beat us.hhhmmmm.it's okay. Then for second activity in the afternoon we were asked to make d LONGEST LINE using anything that we hav. My group again was supposed to be d winner but we were beaten again. :s

On Tuesday,we did live broadcasting n learnt bout 'behind d camera' works. *skip
In d evening at 4,all of us headed to Mid Valley at Bangsar by bus. We arrived at around 5++ pm. We went there to watch d fashion show of LUCT(Limkokwing University of Creative Technology). It was FABULOUS. ooooo.But to compare with d fashion show they conducted at KLCC,the stage at KLCC was bigger because d space were also bigger.

On wednesday,I didnt go coz I wasn't so well on that day n yesterday(Thursday) we did some first and last choir rehearsal for some event that is goin to be held at KLCC this Sunday.So, anyone who's in town come to KLCC this Sunday okay,guys? xD

Friday:no orientation coz all d lecturers are bz with graduation.

So,that's all for today I think...daaa~ 'see' u soon. 

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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