Logic? Understand?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Well Hello dear bloggers,readers and to u,anyone who've stopped by to read this.. 
Talking bout logic here, hmmmmm
Would u think it is logic to know where anything or anyone wud be without us haven't been told? Ok,i think some of u might get this but some not.
So,here it's like..just now as usual I waited for 'asdfghjkl' to pick me up after school. It was so obvious that it rains. I wait and wait and wait..quite long! Suddenly i received a call from an unknown no. i just accept d call and i heard 'asdfghjkl2's voice at the end of d line..with a high-raised voice and in angry tone she said 'Dayana,turun lah cepat,tak faham lagi ke,orang dh masuk Limkokwing?'
And so i went to the lobby quickly and saw my car then i get in.. I look at d driver's seat and it was my 'asdfghjkl 1',as soon as i get in this 'asdfghjkl 1' said 'Orang dh lama dh kat cnie' (ive been here for a long time)  in the same way as 'asdfghjkl 2' talk just now.. I replied back saying 'mana lah dena tau'(coz i was waiting for their call and i didnt expect them to be there at a specific time)..she replied 'fikir logic' means 'think logically'..
Okay,but how bout the two 'asdfghjkl' think logically now..dun only ask me to think.if they think logically,my reasons are logic too. how can i noe if they didnt inform me they've arrived? Its their fault that they left their handphones.. but to make it my fault of not waiting em at the place they want me to wait(it was raining as i told u),they put all d blame on me. haihhhh,what a world.
Then i just stay silent coz i dun want to make d problem longer..at last we reached at my bakery and as usual too my ASDFGH will ask why we're late or taking a long time to get back. and i think u noe whats d answer gonna be..YES! EXACTLY,asdfghjkl 1 told that it was me d reason we're late. T.T
anyways.i dun really care(a bit,but after i wrote this post it is as if ive released my sadness and expressions that i kept in me d whole journey from my school to my bakery)..
*wow! it does released all d mix feelings and expressions i had.
**asdfghjkl 1,asdfghjkl 2 and ASDFGH are three different person. :)
p/s: maybe THIS is really one of d best way to let out your anger or anything (by writing) other than do things that'll harm u or...
Thnx for lending me ur time to read this..
Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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