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Thursday, July 11, 2013

On last Tuesday,I watched this reality show called 'Star King' on channel 393 or as known as One on Astro. Basically, SK(ive shorten it from Star King) is a Korean show,but in this episode they invited a Japanese lady for she won the Youth Lady Contest in Japan. She wowed the audience of SK because of her age factor.

How old is she?? hmmmm,must be curious right?Everyone tried to guess her age and no one got it right. Her actual age is 49 years old but everyone thought that she is still in the 20's...
WOW facts:-Her face shows that she looks young
-Her waist is so small a.k.a she's slimmer than the celebrity invited in that show who is just in her 20's.
Wanna know HOW?So,here are the tips:
-For her face,she uses cocoons..she dipped the cocoons in hot water then she rub it onto her face. It will throw away all the dust or dried skins...It is PROVED!
-For her waist,she does an exercise by just using a towel..yes,TOWEL...she rolled up the towel and place it under her waist(back)...She lied on the towel..this exercise can make our waist slimmer because it reduces 5cm...just do this exercise before going to bed for 5 MINUTES ONLY. However,this exercise cannot make our weight lose. It will still be the same.
p/s: both toes must touch each other and so both of our hands..both hands are above the head.
Be slim in a healthy way! ;)
Just sharing the tips that i got...

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