Last Fashion Show for Sem 3

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey guys,

This is the last fashion of the im just showing the photos of me and my model :)
*and also my friends xD
Btw the theme is supposed to be gothic but hmmmm...

Fixing and touch up behind the stage.. *literally behind the

So the show begins! 
1) Designer: Maureen K Dewi

2) Designer: Vinny Lie

3) Designer: Thuraya and Farah

4) Designer: Tania Vania H

5) Designer: Aida Wahab

And last but not least mine! Heheh
6) Designer: N Dayana A N R

So what do u guys think? Im not satisfied enough with this show like what i felt for Frida Kahlo's week(ive posted about it on my previous post)..but we did our best already..and oh we were also sooo busy with final garment.thats as im posting this, im still doing the texture to put on my final garment..the presentation is next week. Wish me luck ya! Xoxo

                       Captured by myself

                                  Me and my model :))))))

So i think i should continue with my textures good mornight!

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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