21st December 2013 211213

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hello, hai, 你好, 안녕하새요, bonjour...

21st December has become a BIG day for my one and only older brother..try to guess what it is..
Im giving u 5 secs now..


So,have u guys decide what is the answer? What what? May i know ur answers?
Sorry, i cant hear you. But yes YES! Ur right! (Congratulations to those who answered correctly)
It was his wedding day.. :)

                   This is my brother and his newly-wed wife..
                       Congratulations to him and his wife... 
               May they live happily ever after with His blessings..

Done for that! Now its my turn to show my OOTD and face..lol,jkjk xD

    This is how i dressed up for the wedding reception..
    I forgot to take the photo of me wearing the dress for solemnization .____.

    So,this is the close-up xD
    p/s: I applied a lil bit of eyeshadow so thats the result..heeeee

    Another full photo but with my OOTD descriptions..
    What i wore?
    - Diane Corall (white dress)
    - Zara (blazer)
    - Chamelon (scarf shawl and bangle)
    - Evita Peroni (headband)
    - Diva (necklace and earring)
    - Vincci (clutch and wedges shoes)
    - Makeup (Sephora)

   Just another photo with side profile... ^^

How was it guys? Just drop ur comments or anything on 'Tell Me' tab :)
That's all for tonight (23.29 Malaysian time).

           My exhausted face in the vagohn after the reception..

I'm still too tired and sleepy now hehehe..so goodnight! Sweet dreams! Guten nacht! Malam! 晚安! 안녕! :D

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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