Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hello again guys!
hmmmm actually im sooo nervous now waiting for an email that'll link me to a google+ hangout thing organize by ASC(a korean show)...

I waited and keep on refreshing my inbox but there's none..that makes me more nervous. XD

So,now im going to post about my final garment for semester 3..fyi,we semester 3 students only need to make 1 garment as it is our first time to make our own garment..but the no of garments will be added through next semesters..

Details for this semester's garment (MINE)
  • Inspiration: Colosseum
  • Theme: Avant Garde 
  • Main theme: Construct and Deconstruct
Im not going to write more details or tell the story of my inspiration (i might explain a bit later when i post the photo) because I don't want to make my post full of only writings and sentences...not attractive at all.

Here are the photos of my garment..
p/s: i took the photos myself and the professional photos will be given to us together when the result  is out.

So,these textures have their own stories..inspired from the wall,physical look and also colours of Colosseum.

This is the full look of the garment..the hemline is actually supposed to be round but then im not used to use the 'fishbone' yet so this is the result..but it makes the hemline came out even prettier i think :D
My lecturers love it,too.

Oh ya..im sure u guys are all wondering why i named my garment Flavio..
It is because Colosseum has its other specific names and the name or dynasty who built the Colosseum is the Flavian family..

So,that is the reason why I named it FLAVIO. :)

I think this will be the end of the post..I hope u like it! 
p/s:I can say that this garment is almost 100% handmade coz i hand sewn the textures myself. xD

and oh!i received the email at last but the rooms are full..im unlucky today :/

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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