Thank God its Friday!

Friday, January 24, 2014

First of all,lemme tell u that honestly the title of this post has nothing to do with what im goin to write except it IS Friday today..heeee

Ok,last Saturday we had another wedding party for my older brother and that was from our side..last month or (shud i said last year? Kkkk) was from the bride's here are some of the photos of my family;cousins and siblings, and of course ME! Haha

Just enjoy the show~ ooopps that was Lenka's! Just enjoy the photos then xD

   This is my older sister(left) and myself :)
   What she was wearing?? Know the story of it on the next post!

   Just a selca of us! XD

    This is my first older sister and me! Isnt the lighting effect just making us stunning! Jkjk

    Sooooo this is a photo of my sister and i with our cousins from mom's side...Tengku Chik's granddaughters..

    The bride(of course my sister in law) with me :)
    I don't call her 'kak' though as we know each other like a fren and she requested me not to call her 'kak'.. 

   I love this photo of us here among the rest of the shots coz its like everyone was focusing on me..hahaha,anyways from left: Aiman(cousin from dad's side and he is the same age as me), you all know me,my older sister and the right one is my younger brother Wali.

    This one i love it too! Ooo..who's that boy??
    Selca with my bro!

    This is the last photo of us siblings! These are all my siblings..complete!
    Idk who's the photographer but he sure is nervous looking at us! Lol
    Btw,the theme is Red,Black&White!

     As going to tell what i was wearing!
    So all pieces (skirt,top,scarf) are from Old Blossom Box! 
    One of my fav boutiques.
    Headband: Diva
    Clutch: Vincci

So,thats it for this post..wanna post another 2 posts! Wow! Thats a lot of the word 'POST'! Heheh,sorry for that! See u in the next posts! :p

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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