Voodoo Doll inspired suit! 저주인형 빅스 by 다야나!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ummm hi again!

As you all know..this post is about what my sister was wearing in the previous post..

    She was wearing a Voodoo Doll inspired suit that i sew myself..including the skirt!
    Specifically inspired from N's...

    Here's the close up of it so u can take a look at the details that i've hand sewn myself. 
    Im really glad and satisfied with this piece..

Actually,i made one for me too and it is specifically inspired from Ravi's..

But eottokae? Something's wrong with the pattern i that i used for my suit so i doesnt really suit my body well..and not only that it just turn out hmmmmmm...lemme just show u the photos..

    This is it,i don't finish it(by sewing the details like i was supposed to do like my sister's) coz it's not fixable..

I actually have done sewing this last week a day after i finished my sister's but because of the problem,i stopped thinking that i cud fix it this week but i found nothing to be fixed except that the pattern i used is not suitable..so i just leave it like this..oh btw, i finished my sister's suit just in 12 hours! I can't believe it that i can actually sew that fast! XD

    So,here's the back part..this part is beautiful!
    But the front one is just disappointing! TT.TT

Welllllllllll...i just wanna show a pretty one that i took using camera360 with sketch effect which made it better xD

                                      FRONT VIEW

                                    BACK VIEW

                           ^  THE SKETCHES V

Soooo,언니 (u know who u are :D) no photoshoots for my suit :(

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.