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Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello! Bonjour! Da jia hao! Annyonghaseyo! Hai!

iStyle.. what exactly is iStyle? Hmmm from my own words,it is a fashion competition that collaborates with KLIA to promote KLIA as the shopping wonderland. yeah, the MAIN theme for this year's competition is STYLISH WONDERLAND.

I am one of the participants actually..that is why im writing promoting my group and also iStyle. xD

So,we had an audition about a month ago if im not mistaken...from 20 groups(around that) the judges were to choose ONLY 6 teams..after a quite long discussion (took almost a week) they decided to take 8 teams to the first HEAT(round/level/challenge).

In the first heat,2 groups were eliminated because iStyle people still wanted to keep the original no of groups they planned before which is 6. Thank god,my group is still IN.

*cont next post*

This is our group photos on the day of the audition.

'Formal' photo

Hello guys! We're STREPTOCOCCUS from Limkokwing!

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Thank you! Merci! Kamsahamnida! Xie xie ni men! Terima Kasih!

Stay Fabulous

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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