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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bonjour loveliesss..

It's been awhile since my last post. Busy semester i could say..previous semesters still can make me blogged during the school time but now i'll have to wait until i officially end it. So,im in my last week of this sem and kinda have a free time but not officially end yet. I just wanna post about what happened to my team that joined the fashion competition called iStyle. 

It was suppossed to end and took only a month to finish but for some reasons the finale show has been postponed till last Wednesday. Yes,it ended last week but i have no time to straight away post bout it here. TT 

First, lemme just show you guys the collection of our Wonderland garments


Okay, for this im sure u guys saw and knew bout it coz i've posted it previously which is also my last post before i've gone HIATUS. This is the first garment for the first week and we are given the challenge to make a menswear and the theme is Travelling Heroes. The judges love it except the bottom part where we used jeans but for finale show we change the pants gold. No more torn jeans xP

Haaaa..this one is for the 2nd week and the challenge was to create a kidswear and the theme was Sugar Rush. It was so hard to handle kids. Urghh but thank god he did well for both the photoshoots and finale show. Thank you Houson! Oh ya the MAIN theme for the week was Sugar Rush but each if our teams were given another sub-theme and we got Candy Canes so that explained a bit of our shot.


Anddd this was for the third week. U guys might have ur ideas already... And yep its a Barbie Wonderland theme. So,i introduce to you our wild child barbie name Allessandra... The third week just need our styling skills as we dont have to create a new garment but just use the ready made one 
and style the barbie. Our group's sub-theme was Party so yeah thats y we tried to bring a difference which is a Barbie that is not like u guys always know heard or see. Its a wild one..hehe


This is the full shot.. Not HD coz its not a soft copy as they didnt upload it in their page -,- waeee??!

Last but not least! Out avant-garde gala night dress!!        

This wasnt the original design that we first submitted. We sew this last minute! Coz we are told to change the design kinda last minute too! XD but thats fine coz we did it in just 4 days! Aren't we cool?? We're Streptococcus yo! FYI, the headpiece is made by me and it is my first time ever making a headpiece. Wow! Im glad that everyone LOVES it. Muah :* and the jacket or sleeve that is also crocheted by me :) the dress and the belt(?)(lol i forgot what it is called but if u can see there's an armor-like at the top part and that is what im talking bout) is done by my other teammates whiich is the designer (Fauzi-he's actually my senior :3) and also the stylist (Maureen-she's my classmate :D)


This is one of the shots i captured during the photoshoot.. So its not official and thats y she's not looking here..hehehe but i love this shot..its cool right? Right? Heeee jk. Oh ya,if u noticed in this shot..there are hanging beads at the headpiece right? But at the finale show there wasnt. Its because ms Bernie suggested us that its better without the hanging beads. And its true coz the hanging beads kinda cover the face. ㅋㅋ n oh! Some said the headpiece is Maleficent inspired and well it kinda is..

Phewwww! Andddd how bout the result? OMG OMG THE RESULT? TT it was so nerve-wrecking to stand on the stage and listen to the result being announced u know. :/

Jeng jeng jeng... WE WENT HOME AS THE FIRST RUNNER UP! Yeay thank God we're so grateful to have won it even not as the champion. XD all of our works and time we spent totally worth it (coz we were soooo busy with school assignments and stuffs too)


       We always stand in 'ladder' positions. If y know what i meant haha
 Ummmm ummm i think thats all from us LIMKOKWING STREPTOCOCCUS! 

              Just a few photos of us before I end this post ^^


Publicist and Stylist of Streptococcus.
 *i look ummm OMG double chin?? TT*


  Streptococcus with fans! Ooops lecturers xD

See you guys in the next post.

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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