Day 3 of Ramadhan x Butterfly Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Today is the 3rd day of Ramadhan and thank god I dont get stomache anymore like yesterday..

So today to spend the day,I did a rainbow loom bracelet which now is somehow in trend. Other than that, I also alter my daddy's pants. 

Okay..our main topic for this post wud be the rainbow loom bracelet that I did.
I'll show u the steps so that u guys can try to make one. :)

First, put all the bands as in the pic shown (sorry if u cant really see em coz i used jelly colour bands)
This will be the border of the bracelet

2nd,put the coloured bands for butterfly and do it as i did in the pic.

3rd,put the same colour bands as u put for the border for the first step in the middle like in d pic

4th, do as shown for the middle bands using the hook

5th, pull the 2 upper bands like I did

So,this will be ur result

Then, repeat step 5 till the end.

6th, pull out the most bottom band

Do the same for all the other border bands

Take the bracelet out of the tool/machine(?) heee idk what it is called..
It will be like in d pic..but try to pull and stretch it so that the butterfly shape come out more.

Add more bands up to how long or loose u want it to be.

Then use the C clip to fasten it safely.

Soooooo here it is!! The Butterfly Rainbow Loom Bracelet!
    Front view (lol sorry wrong focus)

    Back view 

Oh! I just realised that I missed one,if u feel like u stuck somewhere..than i suggest u to watch the video that I've attached below xD
Sorry for that~

*Watch her video if u cant understand mine*

P/s: if u notice, at the beginning of this post i wrote 'today' refers to Tuesday which was the day i started writing this post..but it took me quite long to write until it past Tuesday i think i started writing this post at 11 something nearly to as the is posted on Wednesday but i wont change the 'today' though :))

REMEMBER THIS POST IS A TUESDAY POST! Heeee so TUESDAY was the 3rd day of Ramadhan here in my country xD

Okay..i hope u enjoy and try to do this bracelet as it is super easy to do..
It is cute,fun, colourful and pretty too!
So see u next time in my next post


Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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