Limkokwing Fashion Show at Publika

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bonjour! for this post there'll be lots of photo too! 
The fashion show was held on last Friday at Publika, Mont Kiara.

It is a show specifically just for fashion design student of Limkokwing from Sem2-Sem5.

So, for Sem 2 and 3 I dont really know what their theme is but it looks avant-garde.. Here are the photos. Enjoy! S'amuser!

How was it guys? How are the garments?? Cool right? They are my juniors but they've done a good job!

NOWWW! It's my turn! My batch! Here come sem 4 girls and their garments! 
(lol too much exclaimation marks i know xD)

These are the girls that attended the show (which the garments are selected to be on the runway too)
2 more girls went back to their country already because they just can't wait to be on holiday. Kidding girls! :p

If u wonder who's that man between us..
Lemme introduce to u guys..
He is our lecturer for Fashion Design subject and also Retail Design which occurs us to make a window display. Actually, he doesn't take photos even with us because he said its a sensitive issue for him. Even for this photo,at first he said he cant because of that sensitivity issue but we begged as it was the last time we'll be seeing him.. We want some memories though..heee.He's a good lecturer..might be one of our favourites.
Ahhh ya..He's moving to somewhere idk..Maybe to his country,Japan.

 Selfie while waiting for the show to start.

oh! It's mine! Yep..heee I can't capture clearer photos as I wasnt ready that time. I even missed out the first garment of my friend's.
hmmm before I forgot. Our theme for this sem is HISTORICAL. So yeah..these garments are inspired or we are to make an exact one like what they used in history.
We actually made two garments..another garment is our own design which is inspired by these costumes that we chose respectively. But unfortunately,they don't want our second garment to be on the runway..maybe because its colourful and not black -,-

No worries guys. clearer photos will be posted on the next post. (for my garments :))

It's our seniors' turn now :)
I have a video of it. heeeee

This video ends this post...Hope u guys love our collections n be inspired too!! 

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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