Perdita x 1790 x French Revolution

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Im back! Ok, as I promised/stated in my previous post..I wanna show u clearer photos of my garments for this sem which carries the theme: Historical.

Theme: Historical
Year: 1790
Inspired by  Event: French Revolution
                   Fashion Icon: Mary Robinsons

Straight to the photos. Here we go !

1st garment which was showed on the runway at Publika.

2nd garment which is inspired from the first garment.

Side Profile

Back Profile

Another Side Profile

Do u like my collections fashionistas? 

Just a little story behind these two garments:
I was busy with iStyle competition as u guys know(if u are my loyal blogreader,im sure u read my previous post bout it) I completed the first garment in 2 days because I had to attend for the presentation :o
For the second garment, it took me two days too for me to complete it as yeap..I need to submit it so it can be displayed at the window display in my campus.

So..I'm asking for the lasttttt timmee. xD
What do u guys think of my garments that are inspired from the French Revolution year?

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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