Summer is Over

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello lovelies,

The summer is finally over...ahhh i dont want it to end yet! TT TT
My summer break feels so short and idk why is that so but cant believe its already a new sem.
Im already in sem 5 after this summer season ended. 안돼..

And it is also almost the end of Syawal too? Time does fly a zillion times faster nowadays.. 
Oh Larva *lol just randomly thinking bout it now*
Anyways, it felt like yesterday was the first day of Raya but nope its not.. Almost 3 weeks had passed.

So for semester 5..i have a really tight and full schedule.. Full week of classes no break *cries a Han river again*
Plus! I'll have an internship program right after this sem ends for 3 months (which is during the sem break between sem 5 and 6) then continue with sem 6 (which requires us to make 5 GARMENTS!)..
It's a bit loco isnt it? 

Just thinking about it already made me feel so exhausted.. maybe i shudnt overthink bout it and just go through each day so that it will feel easier and lighter ( I hope 제발!) 

Back back back back *heee sorry again another random thing,, the song Back by Infinite is on TV and now im currently sitting in my living room with my TV on*

Yeah,these are the subjects im going to learn for this sem. And out of 6 classes 3 of them will be with the same lecturer..a new one that havent teach us before..

Wish me luck guise!! *fingers-crossed*

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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