Thursday, September 11, 2014

Morning! Mornight?

This post is actually a one month old already i think.,i meant im supposed to post it last few weeks but i didnt had the time to do so. :( yeah coz of classes have start.

Anyways, just wanna show u guys my new length of the hair..hehehe

So i went to the saloon on sunday(few weeks ago) and get my hair chopped shorter..its actually shorter than what i expected it would but its okay.. I still love it!

Anddd actually i wanna cut my hair in asymmetrical style but but i cant the stylist said. :/ 
It's because my hair is frizzy.. Ahhhhh..
Thats y it just ended being a normal haircut.. IS YOUR HAIR FRIZZY TOO? YOU WANNA KNOW HOW TO TREAT YOUR HAIR SO IT WONT BE AS FRIZZY AS NOW? Wait for my next post yeah~~ (supposed to include in this post but since its 3.15 AM now in my place so i need to keep this post short..i need to sleep coz tomorrow i have class again. Heee

    Just the stylist's tools and stuffs..haha

    N noooowwww thats my! Thats kinda a lot huh?

A few more shots of my HAIRFIE to give you guys before i head to bed.

    Btw, my iphone case is from Cliché :)

    I love this shot somehow despit my face.hahaha.. I posted the first pic i showed u guys (above) in my insta.. So guys follow my insta? I dont force you...just if u want to. :) (link at the BADGES tab ^ or u can search for HelloDyna.)

    I just realise...this pic is in a pic and the pic is in another pic..u know that kind of pic right? Like in the elevator with mirrors? Yeah that kind of effects. 

Okay then..need to go now.. Just finish making a formal cv, creative cv and also a bit of illustrator..its tiring even its just on the computer..

Bye! Goodnight! Guten Nacht! Jalja! Wan An! Selamat Malam!
Sweet dreams~~

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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