Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Selamat Petang,


Yes,from the movie/play SALOME which was being shown a long time ago in Singapore, the famous known as 'Marilyn Monroe of Asia' got her stagename as SALOMA. Her real name is Salmah Ismail.

Why am I telling about her? 

I wrote a bit coz I wanna tell u guys about the movie which is made specially (some kind of tribute to her i guess) for us to know more about her life and biography.

This is the movie produced by her own niece who is also a daughter to Mariani.
You can watch it on Astro First (as shown in the photo).

What made me watch it?

Actually, I saw the advertisement earlier on TV and I'm interested to it but I didnt watch it until I saw the Behind The Scene which made me more interested to watch. So, I bought the channel last Saturday (a month after it is released? wow!). 
As people who really knows me well,I am a person who likes traditional things or cultural stuffs and yes this 'retro-things', Im interested about it. Yeah, that is one of the reasons that made me watch it.

How was it?

I loooveee the movie and it made me know more about her life of course. I never knew she was married to someone else before she met P.Ramlee. (i thought she IS with him since the beginning..hehe) and her life was not like I imagined.. She's been through a quite challenging life. I can feel the sorrow.
I think u guys better watch it urself rather than just reading from what I post here. Coz by that, u can know more about her and I think Im starting to bluff here..haha. I wanna write it here but I dont know how to write it..u get that? u.u

This is the real photo of Saloma and P Ramlee on their wedding day.
What I wanna say here is that in the movie.. Nabila Huda, who plays the role as Saloma wore the exact same wedding dress as in the photo.

My opinion?

I LOVE IT! TBH, I keep watching it..I watched it till the channel expires. hehe, it's never a bored movie even if u watch it a lot of times.

Anyways, Im hoping to see more of this type of movie about someone. I meant even for studies, its better if we have this kind of learning materials so that its easy for us to remember certain things. We don't even have to force ourselves to memorise all the history facts. They will just come out naturally in our mind.

Jumpa Lagi!

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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