A Visit to My Boy's Country ^^

Monday, February 23, 2015


Snow and cold windows!!! yeayerss

Waaaaa... I cant believe it that I've finally been there!!!

The picture I showed is a picture of Incheon International Airport, South Korea.. ^^

I went to Seoul approximately 2 months ago..yeap on this exact date which is the 23rd but in last December :)

I reached at the airport around 3 something i think and reached at the hotel around 5/6..heee i cant really remember coz the night time is earlier there since it is winter season. So, it will be dark at 5! :o

On my way to the hotel, I passed by this broadcast station..i cudnt really calm myself down as everything there wud totally grab my attention so what not, i took a few photos of it..aha

In front of Hotel Manu where we were staying

I love this hotel! Its so super comfy and nice! And so near to the places of interest and one of em is Myeondong.. 하하

I went there twice coz we can just walk from our hotel and it took around 5/10 minutes walk? I wasnt sure myself too but it really is near...
It says Welcome to Korea ^^

Okayyy..straight to DAY 1 shall we?(Wait is it Day 1 or 2? Hmmm maybe Day 2 in Korea but Day 1 for touring? 하 하

Anyway, we had to be at the lobby at 9 SKT which is equivalent to 8 am Malaysian Time. The verryyy first destination was the Dongdaemun Gate? Wait now I'm confused what gate is this..ahh mianhae.sorry

We saw it otw to Namsan so the tourist guide quickly made a stop for us awwww 
Tourist guide haha..actually we expected a woman tourist guide so this is so unexpected and our first impression of him was 'WOW! He looks like Seungri!' lmao
n I thought he was just a driver but when we got in to the car,there's nobody else except him kkk

2nd Destination:
N Tower!!! 
Love locks..cudnt put one hmm so one of my mission failed
Will surely prepare a lock so that i can straight away put it there xD

View of Seoul from the top but not really visible as it was a bit hazy(cold from the winter air)

Right before going back down the hill xD I said to myself "I need to take a photo where the snow can be seen" so this is the result hehe coz Seoul wasnt snowing when i was there ottokae? TT

Can i do my OOTD details for awhile? :p

Flowery Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Turtleneck inner: Uniqlo
Legging(s): Miss Whatever and Uniqlo (yeap 2 pairs coz it was cold eh)
Muffler & Glove: HnM
Jacket: Online shop :)
Bag: Nose
Shoes: Playboy
A lil sneak peek? Otw back from N Hill to the flat ground.

To the next destination..ah we went to Namsan early in the morning because we wanna avoid to be in a crowded place situation..coz we had to wait for the cable car and it will take longer time to go for touring other places.

3rd Destination:
Namdaemun Market
(Ahjussi(let's call my tourist guide ahnjussi hehe..its not because he's old but i just wanna call him that like Krystal called Rain ahjussi in My Lovely Girl drama xD) brought us here to let us taste the hotteok coz he was so surprised that we havent had our breakfast yet)
After that, he showed us around the market where we can buy lots of souvenir and decorations and a lot more.

Idk why my face was like that but I like this pic so I dont mind sharing it with u guys >< 

4th Destination isss:

Gwanghamun #np At Gwanghamun by Kyuhyun kk

Gyeongbokgung Palace

The throne uuuu

It was sooo windy at the area of the palace and the temperature kinda dropped too coz it was colder

Changing of Guards ceremony
Again,im confused whether they are just actors or they are really guarding the palace haha mind me

Wrong shot but oh well

There's a story behind those on the roof..It is said to be the protector for the King

Im thinking to make this palace as my inspiration because it contains a lot of interesting stories but letsee how :) 

Finally its LUNCH TIME weeee
We went to Itaewon as it is famous for Halal restaurant ~~

I ordered this dish called Dolbaegi and why i chose this? Its because it is related to CHAdolbaegi (haha mian only kpoppers know this and especially to those who watched Hitmaker xD)
Anyway, let's forget about it..this dish is super 맛있 

5th Destination:
Hanok Village (Namsan)

A replica of their traditional houses

Ahjussi said those words hung on the pillars are for showing off ;u know what i meant xD

As this place is actually called Namsan Hanok Village, we can se Namsan tower from down here. cool!
Last place in Day 1 to go with Ahjussi.

6th Destination:
My sister and I were so excited that night to go to Myeongdong just to find this shop..
At first we cudnt find it,that place was so crowded as it was a Christmas eve and another thing..we are not really familiar(of coz) and didnt really know the exact place of the shop but thankfully we manage to find it and yes we did some 'compulsory' shopping..haha

STAFF!!! aaaaaaa

We had two bags full of shirts and stuffs and this is one of em.
Even my dad bought some items there..heeee

Great way to spend my Christmas eve there... 
Every worker from each shops wishes everyone who went there..so 귀여
Summary in pictures of my Day 1

Curious of what I did on Day 2? There's nothing much..I meant we just went to A place. Yes, just ONE. but it was so exciting.. 

Nice view right?
The one and only place we went on 2nd day..you'll know soon xP
Otw to that secret place

Idk how to wear a beanie heol u.u
 Btw, Ahjussi turned on the songs on his USB but in low volume (I guess he thought that we didnt listen to that songs)..I saw that the name of the singer written there was WINNER, so I requested to make it in high volume.. xD Surprisingly,my dad said the song was nice :o :D the song is Empty btw. and now there are some songs that reminds me of Korea..and the songs are Eyes,Nose,Lips (he asked us whether we know bigbang and he said he actually saw Taeyang and GD before they debut: thats so DAEBAK!), Empty, 4 minute's (i forgot whats the title but there's a line like this : Hey boy hey boy...) and lots of Rain song. We are quite shocked too coz he actually listens to those kind of songs when he admit to us that he didnt really follow the current songs or watched dramas like that haha..

Another view...

This ahjussi always appear like a mystery man in all the photos he appeared lol
So, we stop by for a while at the Service Area (its an RnR)..

We were so fascinated by their Service Area because it was soo neat and clean and omg just go check urself haha

This is delish! Its like Kaya Ball but instead of Kaya the filling is Walnut spread.

 Paris Baguette. I heard it will be brought in to Malaysia soon..

A picture of me infront of a Rice Cake dessert house..waiting for the rice cake..heee

Rice Cakes anyone? 


Changed to the proper outfit for skiing. 

This looks so cute haha
Oh! I think we were waiting for the boots here

What happened to me?? :o

Choosing the right stick(?) but we couldnt really tell which length is the right one..No one helped us TT


Should have just played this sleigh thing coz I almost cried while skiing at the top.but it was fun actually trying something new but not a good one for me kkk

Told you,,I have no decent picture at the ski resort..

Then, we went back to Seoul and heading to Itaewon again but now for dinner. Before that, I forgot to tell you about our Breakfast time..
So,we ended up at a local Gimbap shop just because we said that we all love Gimbap..ahjussi actually brought us gimbaps and we ate at the hotel before we head out to the ski resort. Then, my dad just simply said that we love it (WE DO) and he brought us here and ordered 9 rolls! We were confused why he ordered so many and he told us that each of them there eats a roll per person and we were like :o coz the roll was big and for us one roll can be shared between 2-3 persons haha
We had a lot of letfovers(which we havent touch yet coz we were already so full from the kimbaps he brought for us at the hotel)..
then before we start our journey back,we just watched him eat one roll of kimbap by himself and that was so woww..lol how can they eat so much without getting fat? i want that! TT

Back to dinner,and we went to another restaurant in Itaewon and ate Indian dishes..That was supposed to be our last day touring with ahjussi because the next day we want to just go by ourselves but he said that he loves taking us around and offering to bring us around again..but the next day,he had to attend an army meeting so yeah (lets just stop here,it feels like im spazzing now lmao)

3rd Day

Back to Namdaemun Market for souvenirs

Fitting on some Hanbok (this is my second hanbok) I actually bought one on the first day xD

Back to Myeongdong for STAFF (again) and HATS ON and more of what we found ><

I think today (3rd day) was the coldest..and I think it did reached to -8c

Mission 1: SUCCEED
My Laba ssi

Mission 2: SUCCEED
Completing the merchandises and albums

 During the night time, we went to YP Bookstore and Cheonggyecheon Stream ^^
We were lost at first and went to the other side of the stream where there was no lighting and that was in Dongdaemun haha. Luckily, we found a tour centre where we can ask em.

My hand was so cold so i cudnt record it properly mian~~
(I didnt buy the touch screen glove umm, I had to take out my glove to record or take photos)

Upper view

Some part of the Stream

Mission 3: Doota Mall (Found!)

Lastly, the very last day and our flight was at 9 am (that was so early to leave :((()

OOTD again ft Laba ssi
Knit top,pants and muffler: Hnm
Headband: Chamelon
Shoes: Playboy
 So sad about leaving that country but GOT7 kinda made it up a bit for us..a good surprise..i think they were right behind us at the custom check hmmm.. lol i think u can see me in the first pic on the left side with mom and sis...i was trying to figure out who are they thats why my face was like that haha..and i cant figure out yet but it feels like i know em and yes when i checked on twitter,they are actually GOT7 members.. xD my dad manage to take Bambam's and Yugyeom's pictures only as the other members were not to be seen yet..yeah my dad took it coz we were busy finding out who they are kkk coz we dont know who, we just went and go to our boarding room and i think that was when the other members (that maybe we cud recognize more) walked thru.

GOT7 Bambam

GOT7 Yugyeom
Heading to the boarding room

Stopped by for awhile

This coffee cup is soo cute right?
Now thats the end,goodbye Hanguk till we meet again... trying to calm myself down and get back to reality(TT) by watching dramas with Laba ssi in the airplane  xD

p/s: Just a picture of me wearing the 2nd Hanbok(for real) that I bought at my cousin's wedding..

Cople bears for the present..and there's another present at the bottom inside the bouquet.

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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