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Saturday, July 4, 2015


So like about 3 weeks ago, I just had another wonderful memory with my bae.. YES YES!! He came to my place to meet actually with his group.. I tried joining a contest just to get the tickets to enter and get a seat for that event.. and I even tried to redeem a pair of the tix from Astro.. but luck just wasn't on my side that time...

I tried to redeem it for quite a few times before finally got the chance to redeem it at 3 in the morning *luckily I was still awake at that time xD
My sister and I were so happy to be able to redeem it at last..We were actually just about to ignore and give up on it. Even after the success to redeem the tickets, I was still trying to join the contest coz the tickets given for the contest is somehow a bit better...ㅋㅋㅋ But I was quite busy for preparations of my final graduation fashion show so I did the video on the very last minute and didn't get to submit it coz the time was over the deadline given. ㅠㅠ

So, the tickets from Astro is all we have (and we know we should be so thankful coz we still have the chance to redeem it and enter the event even we haven't know whether we'll get to seat or what) :)

Ok,enough of that now..let's just go and see what I've got in my camera ^^

After a long wait..finally they are here!!!!

Not focused...

Sleeping Bean-ty? :p

Seeeee...I was blocked by the front people and even the camera..oh well.
So, its hard for me to take a shot to the other members standing at the side of the camera.


Just FYI, I was standing and I had to hold up my camera(which is quite heavy) so high coz I was blocked by others infront of me u.u

So,it might be quite shaky or unstable or blocked? hehee

Say Hellooooo ^^

KEO's duet for Starlight's wish..
*they stand far from each other so yeah i had to focus on one of them and just capture another one on the screen

Baby Hyukkie's aegyo and Bikseu favourite poses xD
*lol i took photos while recording thats y..below are the photos i captured ㅋㅋㅋ

Hyuk is only visible on the screen to me..
*i tried hard 친구 u.u

a bit top to bottom shot xD
what u doing 라비씨? hehe

섹시 엔 씨? ㅋㅋㅋ

섹시 엔 씨 is on the action again! xD

NEXT let's move to their performance...weeeee

Here come the vampires :O

Rise up from the grave? ooooo

He's like dancing to some Malay traditional song..woopsie :p

oowaaawaaa my laba.


마이 윙크 엔즐 but he's not winking here 

VAMPSS. <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

Let's light up your darkness now :)

From baby Hyuk on previous video to Manhyuk :O

I see something at the back...

Look!! I've zoomed in! Haha.. 섹시 back of 엔 

*I just read on twitter that he's out of SMTM4 because he wasn't dissing anyone... that's so sad to hear. But nevermind, its better to be out  and be yourself rather than following what others want but its not yourself.. Fighting! ^^

Yeah baeeee get your swag on. <3 br="" nbsp="">

Still the same mood as on previous photos.. lol

Last performance before they had to rush off to KLIA.

Error~ The first shot before my name appears on this video was taken by my DSLR camera but then it suddenly went off because the battery is dead -,- So i had to continue shooting it using my iPhone but its not that bad though right? heeee...

Time to say goodbye to them.. I expected them to go down to the parking lot but hmmm
I don't expect that they really went down to the parking, I went down a bit late and this was the only thing that I got for being late. 
But we had the chance to say goodbye and there were only some of us here so they saw us pretty close that night :)

So, that's all about it what I've been doing my last last last Sunday xD

p/s: Actually, my collegmate joined this competition too and he actually won himself a ticket to be taken to Korea for next round and I have the video of his singing but it just wont upload here maybe i'll upload next time in my next post.. Anyway, his name is Alex Goh... 축하해 친구 ^^

Till we see again in the next post~~ N night!!
*this post is the longest time I took to write coz of the videos uploading and stuffs which take the most time..

Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin

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