DDDD RE-Launching!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hi fashionistas,

Yes,if you are one of my loyal followers and always read my blog(readers for sure xD), you know that I own an online shop in Instagram. So yeah, the online shop has been abandoned for quite some time by me as I was busy in getting my final garments done. To focus more and complete the important task first, I decided to temporarily closed down my online shop.

BUT! Fret not, wait no more! Finally after 2 months of graduating, I finally can get it resume back. Coz i was waiting to make it real official first (like getting the business licence so that my business is officially registered and that I would run the business activities happily without having to think that its illegal). Im also waiting for my official brand logo..the process takes time so now I'm using a temporary logo which I made myself using an app but I just forgot the name...

[BATCH 1] You can starts to purchase your favourite piece now!
oh btw that DDDD is the temporary logo 

And and why did I wrote the title as 'RE-LAUNCHING'? Well now, I bet some of you might get the answer why...

OMG YES! It's because the shop used to be 'open' but then it got closed down and now its back for business again! Yeayyyyy~

Currently, my store has ready stock pieces for Aidiladha which is also in LIMITED quantity.Hurry grab your favourite piece before its sold out because we have one piece that has been sold even before we put it in store~

A little bit about @dynaddayn in another word, I am actually promoting xD

Newly Re-launched brand DDDD(@dynaddayn) starts fresh again! We offers you a more modest, trendier clothes with different kind of unique silhouettes (dresses, pants, skirts, tops and more). 

Own by a young fashion designer (which is me heehehe), DDDD will launch its own collection in the near future! 

While waiting for the launch of DDDD's novelty collection,you fashionistas out there can grab this stylish ready stock limited pieces we have in store just right in time for Aidiladha maybe? :)

DDDD F/W 2015/2016 COMING SOON! Please anticipate for it! ^^

So, that was a bit of DDDD's introduction. I am currently working on the novelty collection for F/W 15/16... Hopefully it can be release soon! Again, please anticipate for it and spread the words...
Oh oh! Of course, please please pretty please follow my onlineshop IG ---> @dynaddayn @dynaddayn @dynaddayn.

*im actually quite sleepy now...what not, its 2:08 AM! :o**till then, thank you for supporting me always*

Mornight and Happy Shopping~

Stay Fab!
Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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