The Island of Paradise, BALI

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Can't wait for the trip!

A week has passed since I went to Bali but yet I still have that holiday mood and feels~ Actually, every time I came back from Holiday or like some event that gives a big impact on me, I'll keep being in the mood.

So, I went there for my business purpose but it somehow changed to family vacation too because all  of my family members(just my parents and siblings, not my whole cousins or such lol) joined me! It was fun even though the weather was soo hot from where I came but honestly its just the same as Kelantan's weather as both of this place are near to the sea. So it was still quite okay :) but just don't forget to put on the SUNBLOCK!! Unless your intention was to get yourself tanned there hehe but still sunblock can help us avoid the sunburn effect and the uv ray thingy (if I'm not mistaken,sorry I'm not that expert in things like this xD).

Let's just scroll through my pictures!

-DAY 1- 

Waiting for the flight. We reached there quite early.
Waiting and waiting. Haha
yeay the 'Hello Stranger' made its appearance again :)
Few shots I've captured while waiting for the plane.
Shoes: Vincci
Ripped Skinny Jeans: HnM
Legging: Forever21

Met my LKW friend and her family who lives at Bali.
See, I told you, I brought my whole family with me haha
Stop by at B A L E    U D A N G for dinner.
Family selfie while waiting for the food!
Finally... reached the hotel : P U R I    S U N I A    R E S O R T,    U B U D
We were treated with a warm welcome drink and that flower that was put on our ears xD
It was the best welcome greetings I've ever get so far~


-DAY 2-

We started off with the famous Barong Dance.
Barong - Keris Dance
The Barong play represent an eternal fight between good and evil spirit. A Barong (a mythological animal) represent good spirit and Rangda (a mythological monster) represent evil one. Balinese people also believed that the Barong is a symbol of protector.

Time for the dance!
Barong is here!
Barong and its friend, Monkey.
Two female dancer as Rangda's servants. Rangda's servants looking for.... I forgot. (need to refer back to the storyline they gave on paper)
2 of Sri Dewi's servants.
Sri Dewi's servants meeting with their Patih (prime minister)
Patih and Sri Dewi's servants meeting her.
Some video shots I've taken~

Barong - Keris Dance play ongoing...

Then, Sadewa was taken forcefully to the forest as the evil witch had possessed Sri Dewi to kill her own son, Sadewa. And the fight between Rangda and Sadewa (which later turn into a Barong) began.
* You guys should totally go watch this dance if you're in Bali to know more details of the story! :p Its interesting!

The front garden of the Barong Dance place.
B A T I K    P L A C E
Y A N Y A N    S I L V E R
Next destination is... Silver place! Yes, silver is one of the famous attractions in Bali. So, don't miss the chance to visit the place too! The silver price was quite okay and reasonable and the designs are unique!

P A N G K O N    B A L I    R E S T A U R A N T
The environment was so calming and relaxing as it is surrounded by paddy field! It's quite windy too because it's already on the higher place where it's nearby to the Kintamani mountain.
I would recommend anyone of you to come and eat here too. The food was great especially the 'Pisang Panggang/Bakar with Chocolate and Cheese' if Im not mistaken. YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY IT FIRST! 

Next is S A T R I A    K I N T A M A N I    C O F F E E    P L A N T A T I O N
Here, I gained some useful knowledge about coffee. And they even still use the traditional method in processing coffee.
In the picture, I was grinding the coffee beans by pounding it with the pounder.

Then, they will also roast the coffee beans manually for about 1 hour/ 1 KG. 

Time for some coffee tasting like a Pro! Hehe, just kidding.
They'll let us try all their coffee and tea flavours after all the explanations.
Again, they were tasty!! and HEALTHY too as they are organic products and they didn't put any chemicals in the mixture.
p/s: oh I really like and NEED the lemongrass tea because it can help us get slimmer body (YAS!)
Headband : Booth at Midvalley
Necklace : REDEYE
Stripe t-shirt : Uniqlo
White Dungaree : HnM
Shoes : Vincci
Handbag : Rooty Castorpollux (Lotte Young Plaza, Myeongdong)
To the next stop, shall we?
Lemme give you a reflection selfie of mine! Oh my sister just photobombed my picture, thank you!
*waiting for driver to load our items that we bought*
After a long tour, finally we've reached at K I N T A M A N I    V O L C A N O
The view was magnificent! Incredible but there were a lot of sellers who kept on following us and somehow forcing us to buy their souvenir items so it was a bit disturbing~ 
K I N T A M A N I    V O L C A N O     with le famile.
Last destination : T E G A L L A L A N G    P A D D Y    R I C E    T E R R A C E
Pardon me, one last selfie!! Oh great! Another photo got photobombed but now by a stranger --'
 btw if you can see, my braces' colour is ready for christmas, lol its green and red.
Reached at the hotel room and received this!
A complimentary letter and also yummy butter cookies.



It was a super duper short vacation (well, because it wasn't a vacation intended after all ㅠㅠ)
I wish we can stay longer but but hmmm. Let's just meet again next time, BALI. Few last photos in Bali...

The balcony / private garden at each lower ground hotel room was beautiful too!
 M A L B O R O    A Y A M    T U L A N G    L U N A K (?)
Went to Ole-Ole Bali Krisna for souvenirs and came here for lunch.
N G U R A H    R A I    A I R P O R T
Then, time for airport :(
Sunny boarding room. It was quite hot at the airport that got me thinking of whether they turned on the air-cond or not hmmmm
Wanna take the picture of the runway where its on the sea i meant, the sides are covered by sea area (maybe some of you know what Im trying to say here if you've ever been to Bali)
Yes again, shoe picture but this was all I can do in the boarding room~
The internet wasn't really 'friendly' to me that day.
Dress: HnM
High Waist Pants: HnM
Meal time on board! Purchased the NU Green Tea while I can xD
Back in KL!


Snacks/Drink(s) that I successfully brought back! :)

p/s: I think if I stay there longer, I can be thinner and lose more KGs! Haha, what not, I went there for a short time (3d 2n) only but I manage to lost some KG. It's not much but I love it. I guess because it was so hot there that I sweat a lot xD

So, that was it. I hope you enjoy reading my journey of mini trip to Bali! Anything to share with me? Or to ask? Feel free to comment~~

Till next post.

Stay Fab!
Dyna d Dayn,
Hui Lin.

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