Singapore Trip to Meet Them

Sunday, June 12, 2016

M E R L I O N   P A R K, S G

Okay...*dusting off the dusts!* 
Emm, I've been on a hiatus status for these few months because I was just tooooo busy with life. Lol kidding. But yeah, was quite busy though preparing for my own brand and also doing freelance work for experiences and extra 'keching' of course. *미안*

So, in the midst of my hustle-bustle time, I've found myself a time to be at my neighbouring-country Singapore. WHY? Keep on reading to know more about this really adventurous (only with my 2nd older sister) trip I had 2 weeks ago specifically on a fine Sunday, 160529. 

Let's start the journey!
!WARNING! Selfies are otw: to update family our whereabout.

K L I A   2
Soooo green idk why, maybe it was still too early in the morning?

Changi Airport > Genting Hotel, Jurong  
Reached hotel too early for check-in so just chilling at the lobby for about 2hrs plus :o

OOTD / Airport Outfit:
Sweatshirt (H&M Men)
High Waisted Pants (H&M Women)
Shoes (Vincci)

After like chilling (more to waiting haha) for hours then the time clocked to 1500! ahhhh now we can check-in to our rooms. *The pictures are on my sister's phone so yeah* The room is comfy,clean and just nice for both of us to stay. However, there was quite a little space left but to walk around to go to the beds.

Finally, time to the main event or the main reason of going to Singapore!

Not the best selfie because I was in a rush xD
Must-have items!
This photo (live-photo) was taken on Dec of last year and I was hoping to be in the part of this blue-ocean while watching their Utopia Concert DVD and 드디어 it happened!

AHHHHHHHHHH*insert love-eyes emoticon here*
Okay, so I'll just post the sneak-peek vids and random photos I managed to capture during the fanmeeting. Some performance are missing because in the middle of it securities were giving some warnings to other people and so I didnt want to be warn too xD

Songs (in random sequences): Chained Up, Dynamite, Error, Eternity, On and On, Spider, Say U Say Me, Love Letter, Love Equation, Stop It Girl, Voodoo Doll anddd I might missed some songs though --'

Fanmeeting ended with a hi-touch session for VIP ticket holders.

Stamped 'STAR' - Blushed Hand - Sealed Rings
A little bit of how my hand turned red!
So, here how it goes, as usual to enter the venue we have to line up right...and so we queued and the staffs not only check our tickets but our bags too (maybe because they are scared we would bring cameras as we are not allowed to record the performance but believe me, some did manage to bring the cameras in- for me i just used my phone thats why its not so clear :D) then after the security checkings, we were stamped with a red star on the back of the hand to clarifies that we are entitled for the hi-touch session. *I can't really remember what happened during the session, I feel like I lost some part of my memories like everytime I met them face-to-face! The same thing happened few years ago when they came to my country for a showcase :(* Aha, then about the sealed rings...haha idk i just feel like I have to preserved and take care of them carefully after this because I put them on to complete my look and never have I thought that they'll get to be touched too. Emm sorry if it sounds a bit weird. heol~

Tried to wear something like him but I couldn't bring the ripped jeans as I wanted to save space in the luggage bag-we only brought one hand luggage.
Shirt: Forever21
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Vincci
Accessories: REDEYE
Bag: Byuldul gift

D+1 (touring time! Photos in random sequences) Jurong > Orchard Road > Merlion Park > Bugis Street > Changi Airport

Stripe tees: Uniqlo
Stripe Skirt: Forever21
Legging: Miss Whatever
Hat, Choker, Hairclip: REDEYE
Shoes: Vincci
Handbag: ZARA
Boost Drink: Gym Junkie (hahaha)

It was a very adventurous and fun and healthy trip because we had to walk,walk,walk and only use the trains. I love this short but unforgettable trip. Till we meet again 新加坡!And of course 빅스And 별뷫!

Oh lastly before I forgot, hope he opens my gift for him ad use it. We were given time to put the gifts into boxes according to their names written just right before the hi-touch.
p/s: 우리 부모님이, 감사해요 for giving permissions and allowing us to travel by our own for this short trip. 차랑애 ^^


Dyna d Dayn
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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